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10 Best Event Management Tips for Event Professionals

Majority of our trusted clients and planners often express their frustrations and feelings by using words or terms such as stressed, over whelmed, headache etc. at the time of planning big and elaborate corporate events. But all the frustrations, tensions and headaches are easily avoidable by event professionals with a bit of planning and by becoming aware of essential management tips and putting them to use at the opportune moment.

As a leading Event Management Company in Punewe feel it is our moral responsibility to give the 10 Best Event Management tips for event professionals that would prove really useful and helpful to them to overcome the stress, tensions, and headaches that they often face while planning big corporate events.

Make an early beginning:

Making an early beginning really helps especially when planning big corporate events. In fact, for very high-profile social events, clients approach us as early as a year in advance as it provides us with enough time to make any last-minute changes in case the need arises. We can quote many such instances where last-minute issues cropped up for us such as double booking of the venue or more guests arriving as compared to the expectations, change in menu etc.

Early planning provides one with the opportunity to prepare a detailed checklist of the tasks to complete along with setting aside proper time frame to carry out each task.

Adopt Flexibility:

For some event planners, flexibility may sound to be too negative. But in reality, it actually prepares and equips the event managers to handle and face any eventuality that may crop up at the last minute for when things go wrong or do not work out as planned. In short, it prepares one to stay calm, composed and works with an open mind to handle varied outcomes that could crop up at the last moment.

Adopting Flexibility implies that one should have a backup plan about the venue, dates as well as catering facilities. In short, it means having an alternative backup plan for everything.

Learning from Mistakes:

Each event may not turn out the way we expect them. There are chances of running into many glitches. It is better to imbibe valuable lessons from the glitches instead of feeling bad or by cursing them. Exercising care to learn worthwhile and valuable lessons from the mistakes committed and taking steps to avoid the same in future is very much needed.

As a leading Event Management Company in Pune for more than 20 years, one of our valuable tips is to always hold a post event meeting or review with all your staff about the issues that have gone wrong. The issues could range from technical fault to toilet paper being short in the washroom or even the food falling short or not up to the standard. The real test lies in reviewing what has gone wrong, learning from your mistakes and taking steps to prevent such incidents from taking place in future. In short, the motto is a review or takes feedback, learn from mistakes and plan to avoid the same in future.

Remain committed to your goal:

It often happens with event planners that they start with a specific goal but lose focus midway or when the event date approaches very near. Having a committed goal about what one wants to do always help. Say for instance, if the purpose of organizing an event is for the marketing of any specific product, undertaking proper analysis about how arranging a conference would help to meet the goal as against email marketing is very essential before organizing the conference.

A delegation of duties:

Event planning is never a single man’s duty. One needs to assign duties ensuring that cross responsibilities remain the least. Majority of problems arise due to the miscommunication occurring on account of non-communication between two teams or departments. The best way of a delegation of duties takes place when each team gets assigned with a specific role such as one for catering, one for logistics of the venue or one for registration etc. This helps teams to focus better on the work assigned or delegated to them and avoid getting distracted by handling multiple duties.

Sufficient Food:

In any event management, food occupies the center stage. Hence it is always better to have enough food supply as sufficient supply of food aids to take the event to memorable heights. Generally catering is the first and prime area where in most event planners tend to cut the budget as most of the corporate professionals feel that the goal of the event is a promotion of the product of the company and not just feeding the people. One need not go overboard while planning the menu but ensuring supply of quality, as well as a proper quantity of food, is very essential to avoid hearing complaints after the event from the guests.

Undertake Review before the conduct of events:

Conduct of a review few days before the conduct of the event is very essential as it helps avoid last-minute rushes. In the same way, reviewing of the second plan is also equally essential for when any eventuality that may take place.

Review and find the parking spaces:

Analysing the available parking spaces and comparing the same to the number of attendees along with the number of free parking spaces available is a must to avoid parking hassles. In case of inadequate parking spaces at the venue, arranging shuttle buses helps. Similarly intimating the guests in advance about the parking situation including the arrangements made for parking would give them a fair idea to plan in advance from their end too.

Art of Negotiating:

Each stage of event management expects one to negotiate as events usually cost money. Right from venue to catering to an arrangement of a speaker or entertainer including negotiating with sponsors is very crucial in event management as it helps save a substantial amount.

Have Thorough Enjoyment:

Last but not the least, having a memorable and great time at the event is equally important as you too are a part of your company and you too need to play an effective and active role on the day of the event.

Recognized as a leading event management company in Pune, we truly understand the stress and headaches experienced by our clients while arranging a professional event. Hence we are quite sure; the above tips would certainly help you in all your future endeavors of event planning.

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