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10 mistakes brides make on their wedding day

Getting married is a truly amazing experience and every action and preparation towards its smooth conduct counts a lot. Although it is not possible to achieve a perfect wedding preparation that is devoid of even a miniscule slip, it can definitely be made stress and disaster free. So, how to go about and achieve a practical solution? Well, the best bet would be to avoid regret-worthy mistakes due to miscommunications on the biggest day of your life. Yes, having been engaged as wedding planners in Pune for people across all walks of life, we know the common mistakes bride makes and also the techniques and tips to steer away from them.

  1. More guests

Inviting more guests than the venue can actually handle is bound to create chaos. It would be a good idea to prepare the guest list only after selecting the venue and ascertaining its guest handling capacity.


  1. Vendor’s bill overshoots

Last minute changes that pop up from nowhere are not uncommon in a big event like yours. So don’t get surprised if you suddenly find an elevated bill from your florist or any other vendor. The key is to always have an emergency fund to manage these crisis situations.


  1. Missing out final action

does not matter how much ever prep work has gone into all the arrangements; without a final game plan for all aspects of your wedding day, be prepared for a stress filled day.


  1. Skipping food

It is natural to feel excited on your wedding day and nobody is complaining about that. But that does not stop you from having your food. Take our words – eat properly to keep your energy levels up and look fresh.


  1. Being a perfectionist

Every bride wishes for a great wedding day and infact that has to be the goal. But small mistakes do happen and they would definitely be rectified by the concerned agencies. Hence don’t lose focus due to trivial things on this important day.


  1. Forgetting the joy

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the joyous moments in your life. Carrying out all planning arrangements on your wedding day instead of delegating the responsibilities to your near and dear ones is a good recipe for stress.


  1. No emergency kit

No plan is fool proof and critical situations that warrant emergency attention definitely pops up. An emergency kit filled with the essentialities of wedding would be the best savior on those moments. Do have one.


  1. Hairdressing and makeup

No two teams love to start working in tandem without knowing each other. Have a detailed meeting with your hairdresser and makeup artist, so that they can plan out the course of action on your wedding day.

  1. Feed your vendors

Nobody loves to work with empty stomach and all the personnel of your vendors are no exception. Don’t forget to feed them.


  1. Not accounting hidden costs

Tips for vendors, charges for emergency power generators, and many other hidden costs needs to be addressed on the wedding day and hence be prepared for it.

To encapsulate, just by avoiding these common mistakes, many of the stress related incidents during your marriage can be easily avoided. As a renowned wedding planner in Pune, we always have backup plans for each and every aspect of the arrangement for your marriage. Contact us to know more on how we can help you to make a memorable day.

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