10 Ways to Make Your Event More Sustainable

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10 Ways to Make Your Event More Sustainable

Making an event sustainable is not that difficult as it is made out to be. In the modern business scenario, the term “sustainable” has become more of a crucial requirement rather than an item of jargon more so in the events that are held.

How to deliver an event that can impact your audience but not the environment is the challenge faced today by most Event Management companies globally. Certain leading Event Management Planners in Pune have done lot of research on the same. Corporate events company Pune often  come together and share their experiences on corporate event planning in Pune  thus throwing light on the fact to  make your event more sustainable.

The below mentioned top ten sustainable event ideas could perhaps provide the needed answer:

  • Understanding the impact of events on environment before improving:

For those event management companies that never bother about the impact of the events conducted by them on environment, it would be worth considering every single aspect of the event and how it is likely to impact the environment. This provides with a foundation to work on and even to improve the same. It might not be possible to tackle everything at a single go. Just select those that are likely to have the greatest impact and try to eliminate the same by setting realistic goals.


  • Reduce, recycle and if possible do away with plastic:

The goal for this year is to become plastic free. Majority of big brands have shown their commitment in drastically reducing the use of plastic. Try to come up with innovative ideas to reduce the use of plastic at your events by replacing plastic forks and spoons to the badge worn by delegates and how the same could be replaced to recyclable alternatives.


  • Go Paper less:

With the reign of digital technology, events can be planned in a much greener way to engage with delegates thus avoiding the need to generate large quantity of printed material. The event management companies can make use of interactive smart phones, Mobile apps and Individual web pages to engage with delegates prior to, during and even after the events. In case it is difficult to avoid paper as there is no other alternative, try to go for recycling facilities.

  • Beverages and Food:

For catering an event, opt for organic locally produced food and beverages. By doing so, you can be sensitive to the needs of environment and also reduce transportation emissions. In case there is excess of leftover food, try donating the same.


  • Opt for Responsible Venues:

Choose a venue that has an environmental policy or environmental management system in place. This helps in fast tracking an event by making it more sustainable. Ensure that hotels have Certification of Green Tourism. Bigger venues uses more power hence choose a reasonably sized space.

  • Encouraging eco friendly travel for delegates:

Big events need not generate excessive quantities of carbon dioxide. Even if a large number of delegates are to turn up for your event, you can encourage them to travel in an eco friendly by choosing a venue near a tube station or train or even by introducing a car sharing system thus reducing the carbon emission to a great extent.

  • Instead of Print opt for Projection:

The use of set and stage design can sometimes turn out to be material intensive. The use of Projection mapping can to a great extent reduce the cost of production of one off designs as it helps to transform any surface into a display with the help of video projection. It becomes possible to create a dynamic and creative display that completely transforms the face of your event without making use of Props and weighty sets.

  • Make Use of LED Lightings for illumination:

One of the most versatile, eco friendly and energy efficient method of illumination is to make use of LED lightings. LED lighting with its green credentials helps to create different moods, looks and atmospheres. You can be rest assured that your event will not only look good but also won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

  • Open Venue for conduct of events:

The biggest advantage of digital technology is that it becomes possible to conduct shows using project mapping anywhere including the company premises thus saving the cost of venue, travel, air conditioning and electricity.

  • Choosing of the perfect event management company:

Last but not the least, it is very essential to choose an event management company that understands and echoes your objectives including the environmental goals of yours.

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