Here Are the 11 Tips to Help a Bride Buy Her Wedding Shoes

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Here Are the 11 Tips to Help a Bride Buy Her Wedding Shoes

The wedding is a uniquely significant occasion in the life of a person and therefore the preparations are also grand! One has to make all the arrangements and of course do all the shopping beforehand. For the bride, shopping for her wedding dress and shoes is really a complicated task and getting much confused, she relies on the counsels of her best friend who guides her throughout. The confusion emerges from the ‘choice’ factor because there are plentitudes of varieties available there in the market. These days wedding planners also offer to help the bride in making the best choice like while buying clothes and shoes among other things. A leading wedding planner in Pune talks of the wedding shoes for the bride and says that with so many of options, the choice obviously gets difficult. She lists out the following 11 parameters which should be considered while buying wedding shoes.

   1. Comfort should be the number one determinant and no compromise on this!

Never miss on this parameter in the name of style. You should always choose a pair that is comfortable to you and all other considerations are secondary. Don’t buy a pair which is trendy and appealing but which takes a toll on you!

   2. Check the quality

Quality is important on two counts. The first is that cheaper quality shoes, even if less expensive can spoil your looks and reputation on your wedding day when you would be the center of attraction. Secondly, these could not be that much reliable also.

   3. Select what type of shoes you want for your big day

There are a number of ladies shoes available. You should broadly make your mind whether you want wedges, kitten heels, gladiators, peep toes or some else.

   4. How much heel would be a good heel?

Heel height is important on your wedding day. You would be required to stand for long periods, therefore, make sure that you avoid very high heels as these could develop immense fatigue in your toes and feet.

   5. The type of venue

If your wedding is planned in farmhouse type venue then wedges would be good; if a banquet hall wedding is planned then you can go for high heels!

   6. Perfect size

 Check the size correctly. Avoid one in which your toes are being squeezed or your heels are slipping out.

   7. Check your shoes before the occasion

Leading wedding planners in Pune advise that the bride should always test her wedding shoes before the actual occasion so as to avoid any last minute problems which could spoil the entire event.

   8. An extra pair is always good

Buy an extra pair of shoes, in case something goes wrong with your shoes on the day of the wedding.

   9. Your shoes needs to pair up well with your lehenga

 It is important that your lehenga is tailored/altered as per your wedding shoes. It should not be too short or too long.

   10. Match the shoes with your dress style

 Try matching your wedding shoes with your dress style. Noted wedding planner in Pune says that professional assistance can be sought in this regard and that she helps her clients to seek the service of fashion experts.

   11. Select one which could be used again

Do not stumble upon a unique pair that you will not like to wear ever again.

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