15 Simple Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

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15 Simple Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings carry their own set of charms that create romantic magical spells. With few necessary ground works, it is even possible to sidetrack those minor nagging issues that are typically associated with winter season and pave way for a memorable day in your life. Having managed several occasions as a reputed wedding planner in Pune, we have gathered fifteen simple but worthy tips for planning a winter wedding. Here they are:

1. Floral décor:

While there is limited availability of flower variants in winters, an advanced thought process is very essential for the floral decoration in your wedding – Ofcourse you can opt for artificial floral décor that just delivers the perfect brilliance of natural ones.

2. Allow additional time:

Travel arrangements of your guests can go completely out of gear during winter. Good logistic support with enough allowance in time is the key to get blessings of all your guests.

3. Venue:

As said earlier, travelling is bit tedious during various ceremonies of your wedding. If possible, have wedding rituals and reception in the same venue to avoid logistic headaches.

4. Warmth is cozy:

Make sure all your guests are comfortable by offering them hot welcome drinks to cheer up their spirit. Isn’t it an elegant and easily doable idea?

5. Warm décor:

Go for rich décor ideas such as gold, red and burgundy that truly reflects the tone of winter.

6. Candle and lanterns:

Winters bring in early darkness and what can be better idea other than candles and lanterns to infuse aesthetic beauty and light?

7. Plan your dates:

Winters are sprinkled with several holidays and it is definitely a festival period with Diwali, Christmas, and New Year eve. Hence plan your wedding day so that your guests need not forego their other celebrations.

8. Beauty prep:

Cracked lips and dry skin during winter can be mood spoilers for your wedding day make up. Moisturizing your skin right up to the D-day is an easy and elegant technique to ward off this unpleasant guest.

9. Wedding dress:

The wedding dress needs immaculate planning to provide the right warmth throughout the day and evening. Remember, it is really not funny taking marriage oath with cold or flu.

10. Guest comfort:

To provide the apt comfort for guests, make arrangements for a fire pit or provide blankets and shawls to warm themselves.

11. Hot piping food:

Nothing gives more satisfaction than a steaming hot dinner on wintery cold night. Make sure the food are prepared and served fresh and hot.

12. Daylight photography:

With daylight dwindling fast, it is of paramount importance to plan with photographer to click your important and precious moments of wedding and group photographs in natural lighting.

13. Be prepared for worst:

Winters can bring anything and hence the best way to handle it would be to have readymade answers for all “what if” questions that pertains to logistics, caterers, security, videographer, photographer, DJ and everybody else who are part of your schema of arrangements.

14. Coat checks:

As most of the guests would be coming with their winter coats, make arrangements for their safe custody.

15. Go for winter special cakes:

Last, but not the least, make your wedding cake that truly resembles the aroma and beauty of winter.

As one of the reputed wedding planners in Pune, it comes naturally for us to make your winter wedding warm and cozy. If you are planning your family wedding in this winter, it is still not too late to approach us. Give us a call and let us see what best can be done to fulfill your aspirations.

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