Even with very good preparatory work of grand decoration with flowers and lights, and lip smacking exotic food, many a times typical weddings are very much predictable with stereo type arrangements. Unless you want your guests to spend checking their watches or yawning, it is necessary to lay out few more additional aspects in your wedding and keep them entertained. As one of the successful Wedding Planners In Pune, we are often requested by our esteemed clients to infuse meaningful and special arrangements in the event to portray the joy feeling of the event. And we gladly oblige. Let us share few fabulous ideas that can absolutely personalize the day and make it a well talked about event for years to come.

1. Start with a personal welcome note for guests, especially who have come from long distances. This little effort from your side would gladly create a personal touch on their hearts.

2. How about distributing few personally designed articles to the participants of the event. It can be a specially designed tissues or embroidered kerchiefs for wiping the tears of joys to all your immediate family members and close friends or special balloons with your family photo printed to the kids.

3. Bring out a big thanks saying note for family members who could not attend the event for genuine reasons. We are sure that the contents of thanks note would promptly reach their ears in a jiffy.

4. Instead of a guest book, why not try a table cloth or a platter to make your guests mark their well wishes.

5. Make sure to have a specially designed dining table for kids and serve them with the delicacies and desserts. Even an arrangement of magician or an open lawn kid’s movie would engage them for a while.

6. Marriage events can’t be made with military precision; rather it should be a day for fun and frolic. Set up a lounge for the guests to mingle freely and equip it with snacks and beverages, and possible a faint music to kick in the party atmosphere.

7. Remember, wedding events are informal get-togethers for your folks and don’t scatter them. Clearly work out the seating arrangements so that they all are grouped together.

8. Engage a DJ or live band to make sure the wedding event is not boring. These special performances of entertainment have a good ability to make your guests enjoy the event.

9. Dessert bar! The mere utterance of the word brings smile across your guests with sweet tooth. Make sure the bar is fully loaded everything from cookies to pastries.

10. Make your wedding cake special that reflects your persona. For instance, if you are a nature enthusiast, how about a special cake with flora and fauna decorations on it.

11. Giving take-away gifts are quite common. But it can be made interesting, if it has your mark on it. Well, it can be anything, right from the fresh local farm produce of honey to a small jar of cookies.

12. Don’t forget to arrange transportation and boarding arrangements for your guests, especially for those who have taken great pains to make it your day.

13. Many a time, guests go to the dining area after having a lengthy chit chats with their friends and acquaintances. But don’t make them hungry – make it a point to offer few nibbles in the form of skewers or cheese balls and keep them energetic.

14. How to manage the big group of guests that involve both the families? A welcome party before the actual event to break the ice among them is a sure shot winner idea. Go for it.

15. Make way for an interesting décor in the event to attract the eyeballs of your guests. Remember, a simple but interesting décor would not create a hole in your pocket.

Wedding is all about celebration and do not shy away to be creative. Alternatively, you can always call upon J&R Events, a renowned Wedding Events Company In Pune and engage them as your event manager to create a memorable wedding day.

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