25 Steps Away from your Perfect Day

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25 Steps Away from your Perfect Day

Marriage in the life of a person is a very important event. Indian marriages are grand affairs involving a lot of pre-preparations as a belief prevails that in a marriage not only two people come together but even two families come together. Till a few years back, marriages were generally planned and executed by family members. But the modern-day trend is slightly changing. With today’s youngster being very busy in many activities, Planning for a marriage is proving a challenging task. This is where event management companies like us play a key role as we free you from the headache of running and making arrangements for the marriage.

In case your marriage is in the near future. Do you that this biggest event of your life i.e. your marriage function could be planned just in 25 steps? We, at eventsjackratna.com, are one of the leading Event Management Company in Pune. We have years of experience in creating some of the most elegant and perfectly organized destination wedding events. In short, we help you in having the dream wedding which you had always fantasized and aspired.

Our team consisting of experienced planners own the required knowledge, experience and ability to guide at each stage from the start to the finish. We make you aware of each minute detail by offering you with a myriad of choices thus not only saving your valuable time but also ensuring that you avoid committing expensive mistakes along with overcoming the undue stress that you may have to undergo if you end up doing everything. We discuss everything in detail with you before the wedding so as to make sure that you have a grand and rocking wedding

In case you wish to plan and execute your wedding by yourself, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to have a trouble-free wedding and there won’t be any need to pull your hair at the last moment.

Few date options:

It is always better to have 2 to 3 date options as it will make it easier for you to book varied services such as caterers, venue, dream photographer etc.

Work out the Wedding Budget:

Better be practical and realistic than to regret later. Undertake a small research to find out the current markets for the venue, decorations, hall, caterers, and photographers. Try estimating the budget on the higher value as this will give you a realistic approach if there is a price rise due to any strike where the cost of the items generally goes up due to scarcity.

Decide on the number of events you want in the wedding:

Try to have only those rituals and events that are really wanted if you are working on a tight budget as this will help you have a perfect wedding with the money you have allocated. If you can afford to spend more you can add more events.

Finalize the guest list:

If you have the budget including people to receive all the guests and look after their needs, then there is no harm in inviting any number of guests but where the budget is limited, it is better to invite only those who care for you and your wedding.

Venue of the wedding:

It is always better to go and personally check the wedding venue to see how the place looks, whether it is big or small and whether it could accommodate the number of people you are going invite etc.

Date Cards:

It is essential for guests who are going to come for the wedding from far away places. You can either print it or make it yourself or even mail it.

Choose a good tailor:

You do not want to wear an ill-fitting outfit on your wedding day right! Take time out to find a good tailor who stitches the perfect outfit for your wedding day and deliver it on time.


The success of a wedding to a great extent is determined by the food served at the wedding. Hence make sure to select caterers based on recommendations.


Choose a decorator only after making a thorough research either based on friends recommendations or through the internet and explain all your requirements and expectations.

Videographers and photographers:

Take utmost care in choosing the right photographers and videographers as you will be keeping the photos and videos for years to come. To avoid getting disappointed, test the photographer by taking a few photos or video shoot and do not forget to ask for a good discount.


Take care to proofread the invitations two or three times before giving for final print and try to get the copies well before advance to send to people staying far away. Also, keep enough time to hand over personal invitations to avoid last moment rushes.


Generally, in Maharashtra wedding, the gifts given to a bride by her parents are kept for display in an artistic way on a table. Deciding in advance what needs be given is very essential to avoid last-minute running.

Apart from the major issues mentioned above that require tackling on a priority basis, you also need to look into the following areas:

  • Estimation of number of guests who are likely to attend
  • Wedding outfit or trousseau
  • Engagement party planning
  • Jewelry and accessories to match the wedding outfit.
  • Beautician for mehndi, hairdressing, saree draping and makeup
  • Wedding Cake (Optional)
  • Honey Moon Planning
  • DK (optional)
  • Arrangement of a Pundit or Priest
  • Gifts for guests
  • The arrangement of Pre-wedding ceremonies such as mehndi, haldi etc.
  • Emergency kit for the bride involving things that might be needed at the last moment to avoid any kind of last-minute rushes.
  • Thank You cards that could be either personalized or sent through email to give that personal touch which we are sure your guests would appreciate.
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