4 Out of the Box Ideas to Make Your Corporate Event Fun and Entertaining

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4 Out of the Box Ideas to Make Your Corporate Event Fun and Entertaining

Out of box ideas for corporate event


The festive season will be soon knocking the door. There are many corporate parties and events lined-up to be planned and executed. But, those ideas and arrangements could wow your audience just once. As the say goes, “Even the funniest of joke gets boring if repeated more than once”. That doesn’t mean you have to run out of ideas. Events Jack – The most-trusted name when it comes to Corporate event planning in Pune has got your back with easy interesting ideas that energize every dull party. Keep reading!


The Sumo Throwdown


Sumo throwdown in Corporate Event

This ancient Japanese wrestling involves two jumbo-sized wrestlers opposing their opponent by using every force of their body. Well, of course, you don’t practically have to get in a fight with your co-workers but; you can hire the Sumo-sized body from any studio. This brings energy to the event and your employees will love trying it. Above all, if the budget is the biggest concern then this idea is a must-have in your event planning list.


A Bowling Night


Bowling Party

No one has restricted office parties confined only to big banquet halls or in office premises. Take your employees for a bowling night! This is one of the best ways you can boost their competitive spirit. To make things more tempting, ask the officials to keep a winning prize for the teams. You cannot even imagine how much enthusiasm it could bring to your party plan.


The Morning Breakfast Party


Corporate Breakfast Party

This works best for your women employees who might find it challenging to attend the night-party. Why not start your event with a healthy and delicious breakfast and drinks? Ask the best vendors to put their omelet station and shake booth under your premises and ask for a handsome discount as their business gets a new exposure. This will not just make your employee’s morning worth “Good Morning” but refill productivity and motivation in the office atmosphere.


Introduce the Potluck Trend This Year


Corporate Potluck Party

The corporate world is all about exposure to opportunities and showing the world what you are capable of. But that spirit should not be limited to your desk-job. Host the Potluck event to your office employees where each co-worker will bring their own home country or state famous cuisine. Well, that is one of the best ways you can honor your employee’s cultural values and bring each of them together, celebrating it.

We, the Events Jack Team are well-known for our out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to planning Corporate events in Pune. Bring your queries and concerns to us. From budget constraint fear to making the event worth –remembering, you got our assistance on every step.

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