4 Fun and Exciting Kids Birthday Party Themes For 2018

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4 Fun and Exciting Kids Birthday Party Themes For 2018

Kids love birthdays! It is that time of the year when multiple gifts are showered upon them to truly make them feel special. In addition, kids receive special attention and are treated like kings and queens making adding to the excitement. It is an occasion where all the friends and family member come together to celebrate the special day.

To make the day even more memorable, hosting a birthday party for your children is the best gift you can give them. However, the first major decision you would possibly have to make is deciding the theme of the party. This part can be confusing and tricky as you may find it difficult to wrap your head around what exactly do you want to do. Event’s Jack Ratna is one of the most prominent kids birthday party planners in Pune. We excel in birthday event management and have planned multiple parties all across Pune. We understand the likes and dislikes of kids and do everything within our capacity to make it the most special day of their lives.

Birthday party themes keep evolving each year and it is important to choose a theme for your kid’s party. We have listed down some of the most trending birthday party themes that will help you decide the right theme for your kid’s birthday party.

Pokemon theme birthday party themes

The craze revolving around Pokemon’s amongst kids is huge. Hence, you could opt for a Pokemon theme for your child’s birthday party. Right from the food to the decoration, everything can adopt the Pokemon theme. Cups, paper napkins, and the plates can all go with the Pokemon theme. Moreover, the birthday cake can feature the popular Pokemon’s such as Pikachu on it.

Kids Birthday Party Themes

Rainbow theme

The rainbow theme is one of the most popular birthday party themes for kids as it is vibrant and filled with colors; something kids love. Moreover, colors add another dimension to the party as they are fresh, bright, and elegant. The rainbow theme enables you to choose the various color schemes for the party which can be used for almost everything including the decoration, cake, balloons, etc. Moreover, you can create a rainbow effect in the party by making use of the colors of the rainbow in paper lanterns, cups, paper hats, face paint, and also the cake. All in all, the rainbow theme will surely be a hit amongst kids.

Dinosaur theme

Like every one of us, kids have only seen the dinosaurs in book, cartoons, or movies. To offer them a different kind of an experience, adopting a dinosaur theme for the birthday party could be interesting. You can arrange a game that reveals interesting facts about dinosaurs. Furthermore, you can include, dinosaur posters, dinosaur eggs, toys, and other gifts and toys related to dinosaurs.

Superhero theme

Superheroes are very popular amongst kids. Batman, Superman, Robin, etc are names they are well aware of and love everything about them. A superhero theme for the birthday party would be extremely intriguing for the kids and fun at the same time. There is an extensive collection of party supplies based on superheroes. You can buy masks of different superheroes that can be worn by children at the party.

Events Jack Ratna is one of the Best kids birthday party planners in Pune. We have a rice and vast experience in hosting birthday parties for children of various age groups. We understand the likes and dislike of children and put in extra effort to make their special day even more special.

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