‘Sync with technology’ – the new mantra that is repeated for all new endeavours. As technology provides new opportunities for development and growth, invariably in all fields of business, why to shy away from it? Nowadays, hi-tech technology is profusely used for better event management. Hence it is not surprising to see new demands of technical aspects in every trade show event. J & R events, the leading trade show and wedding planner in Pune shares the four trending technology based tips that creates the wow factor.

The smart apps:

  • It is the smart apps that rule the roost today. A smart solution for everything, right from registration of the event to seating arrangement in the venue, everything can be perfectly synchronized to perfection. All it requires is perfect and smart application software that is specifically developed for the event. What are the possibilities of the app? Let us take a look
  • Pre-registration for the event
  • Confirmation of participation
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Quick electronic registration at the venue.
  • No more form fillings and visiting card annexure.
  • Social seating arrangements on the venue based on the online search for peers and friends at the same venue.
  • Dining and food facilities as per the individual choice. No more messy lines and crowds.

Lot of opportunities and development potential are yet to be tapped for comprehensive event management tools and truly, sky is the limit. Real time apps are the best bet to achieve the best for effective event management.

Again it is a wonderful technology that started trending by late 2014. The objective is quite clear – the smart phone or tablet of the attendee shows and presents the slides live what that is being shown in the seminar. This is in fact a very good initiative to aid the participant to focus on the slides that is visible on their smart phone screens. All sort of program schedule pertaining to the seminar and trade show are also being provided in the apps and electronic kiosks.

Display of technology:

Nothing attracts better than the perfect display of technology and talents. A working model of 3-d printer or a highly efficient drone (Don’t forget to get the approval of the concerned regulatory authorities) are always the crowd puller. All business makes the participants dull. A little harmless recreation of these sorts is always welcomed.
As a matter of fact, drones are being used in few techno-savvy trade shows to make minor deliveries within the premises!

Safety and security measures:

Technology can be put at the best of its use – safety and security. Intelligent monitoring system and location whereabouts and identification of each and every participant within the event premises are easily determined using right technology. (Of course, it requires and consent of every participant to be tracked in the venue)
Having seen the latest technology trending tips, it all depends on how best to deploy them with the available infrastructure on. J & R events, one of the techno savvy trade show and wedding planners in Pune strives to deploy the cutting edge technology available for each and every event and garner the best out of it.

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