4 Ways to Avoid Event Planning Mistakes

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4 Ways to Avoid Event Planning Mistakes

So you got an event to organize and suddenly the thought of what might go wrong with the arrangements have struck your mind. Do not worry. A well-executed and well-practiced event planning will cut down the possibilities of any embarrassment. We, the event planners in Pune often receive concerns from our valued customers like what if the speaker get down with the flu? What if there are last-minute changes of venue?

Therefore, we started brainstorming all kinds of “what-ifs” and came up with this article. Go ahead to find out the major event planning mistakes you can avoid:

1) Do Not Skip on Touring the Venue

No matter how many emails, venue details, videos, and pictures you came across of the site, walking through the space by yourself will always give you a different outlook of the venue. Take your event planner along with you while visiting the venue to envision the whole event and make necessary changes beforehand. A site visit allows you to refer the actual space with the one shown in the pictures and give you an anecdotal idea of how the event would look like.

2) Discuss the Contingency Plan with your event planners

A smart and professional corporate events company in Pune will always think ahead, identify the potential what-ifs, and remain prepared with a good contingency plan. Discuss the plan with them and make sure you and your event planner are on the same page. You certainly don’t want to lose the audience attention due to a system malfunction or bad weather.

3) Get Your Event Message Clear with Signage and Billboards

This might seem unimportant to you but our expert event planners consider it to be a mistake that could potentially ruin your event. Nothing is more frustrating than an event without a signage board directing the audience towards the next presentation. The audience on-board have no idea what you have planned for the event, having too many signage in your display will smoothly guide them throughout the event without making any nuisance out of it.

4) Make Sure You Don’t Run Out of Staffs

The event planning team certainly bring their staffs and officials along but make sure your personnel do not run out of staffs. On the day of the event, you probably have to deal with a large number of audiences and attending each one of their interest is impossible unless you have a good number of staff members to look after individual guests. Skip making the mistake of relying on two to three trusted delegates. They might be the best ones but with a shortage of hands, the event management will soon turn into a herculean task.

Our well-accomplished event planners and experienced staff personnel have been organizing successful corporate events for decades now. We understand our client’s need and don’t mind going few extra miles to accomplish it for them.

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