5 Amazing Corporate Event Ideas You Cannot Miss!

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5 Amazing Corporate Event Ideas You Cannot Miss!

5 corporate event ideas

Corporate events can be of any kinds which establish a get-together for the clients, employees, and attendees. This can be an internal meeting, team building events, client events, conferences, and awards. Whether the event is a one-day affair or a week-long conference, the task of offering your attendees an engaging event environment can sometimes be daunting.

Events Jack – one of the leading companies of Corporate event planning in Pune has collated 5 amazing ideas you have to add into your event planning. Without further delay, let us walk through how to organize a corporate event and make the most of fun and engagement out of it.

1) The Secret Events

We all get attracted towards secret. This is why the secret events can be a blast. The unique, undisclosed locations with half the instructions are the best way to see your event already creating buzz out of it. Make sure you disclose the event venue just before the event gets started to intensify the people’s curiosity.

2) The Lunch Club

The lunch club

Ditch those boring corporate lunch at a local bistro. Introduce a lunch break with dance rave. Dance never fails to bring people together. This can be one of the best corporate events as all of your attendees create their own share of memories.

3) The Tech-Savvy Competition

Techy competition

The project-oriented software engineers love to get things done and their tech-brains revive the atmosphere. Invite your company’s software engineers for coding, brainstorming, and editing marathons. Make the competition open for your in-house engineers, clients, and attendees too. This way, people from the same field can collaborate on one project and bring innovation.

4) The Fishbowl Concept

In this concept, two to three chairs are equipped by the guest panelists and one chair will be left empty for the audience members. A moderator introduces a topic and the panel members start discussing over it. At any point of time, any audience member could join the discussion. This discussion goes on until the time is up followed by a summary by the moderator at the end.

5) Break the Records

Game competition

A common goal helps people unite and work together. An open challenge does the same with more fun added. Set a prize-winning goal for the participants who will break the record set. The theme can be of anything from your event agenda, gaming, coding, or a fun eating competition for that means.

Our Corporate events company in Pune put our expertise and brainstorming ideas in every corporate event to help our clients achieve their event agenda. Contact us for more details regarding our services and facilities.

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