5 Amazing Kid Birthday Party Ideas That Won’t Bore Your Munchkins!

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5 Amazing Kid Birthday Party Ideas That Won’t Bore Your Munchkins!

Kids birthday party idea

So your kid is going to turn 5 this year and you want to make it one of the most memorable birthday. This will be easy to brainstorm and daunting at times too. With the amount of restless environment they create at home, it’s hard to attend guests and execute a party plan peacefully. Do not worry! Events Jack- one of the top companies to arrange Birthday event management in Pune is here to save your day and make sure your kid spend a wonderful time with their bunch of friends.

We have chosen a few of the best birthday party ideas your child will love on their birthday:

1) Effigy Décor

Effigy decor

Decorate your child’s room with his favorite action figures and ask your guests to dress up their kids into some action superheroes. Theme decoration is wildly chosen by parents for they can pull the party together and make it livelier. Most importantly, decide the theme few weeks prior to the big day so that you get sufficient time for last-minute small and big changes.

2) Camping or Picnic Arrangements

Kids camping party

Not every birthday party has to be a traditional one. You can skip the regular home décor and instead plan an outdoor camping. Invite your child’s classmates and friends for a merrier picnic. Introduce an ice cream booth and customized ruffle tents to add sparkle to your kid’s big day.

3) Plan Your Food Menu

Kids party menu

Kids party menu

Parents have the tendency to spend a lot on food items that children don’t even touch. This not just jeopardizes your child’s excitement but also raise major concern for budget. Offer your little guests with something they are familiar with such as juice, peanut butter sandwich, dips, fruit kebabs, and cake. If your child’s age is above 10, you can list hot dog and pizzas too.

4) Gaming and Surprises

Kids game and surprises

Our expert Kids birthday party planners in Pune believes that birthdays are the best opportunity to expose your child to mingle with different age groups and sports is the one platform that helps children to grow. Add an extra twist with surprise gifts. For instance, a treasure hunt game will bring the children together to solve the riddles. Once they discover the clue, reward them with small gifts, chocolates, and appreciation.

5) Introduce Technology

Kids movie party

Instead of spreading the word on your own, go for a standard electronic invitation to invite your guests. Make arrangements for an outdoor or terrace movie theatre. Discuss your requirements with your event planner and they will look out for all the necessary arrangements so that the children enjoy the day to its fullest.

We, at Events Jack have accomplished many grand arrangements for corporate events, birthdays, weddings, and any special get together. Our advanced event equipment and out of the box ideas won us repeat customers and satisfied clients. Bring your party arrangement expectations to us and we will deliver a party worth cherishing forever.

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