5 Effectual Strategies for Event Planning at the Last Moment

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5 Effectual Strategies for Event Planning at the Last Moment

Event Strategies for last moment

The last moment hassle at an event could gravely be spoilage and ruin the agenda of why you organized this event in the first place. A bad weather, crowded audience, or a no-show venue, anything could be potential enough of ruining the show. Hence, J & R Events – A well-renowned name among the best event management company in Pune, has brought you some of the real last-minute strategies that could prove to be a true savior in any hassling catastrophe.

1) Plan Your Event Thoroughly:

There are no doubts you left any stone unturned to make the event a success. But, humans are allowed to make mistakes. For a safer side, keep 2-3 backup plans handy. Discuss your event motive, agenda, and your expected outcome results with your coordinating team. The better you make them understand how important this event means to you the better they would pull up their socks and help you achieve it.


2) Cross-Check the Staffs and Speaker’s Arrival Timing

Staffs and Speakers arrival time

If you have invited an honorable chief-guest at your event, our corporate event planner in Pune suggests you make sure they arrived a day or two prior to the date. In case the guest speaker flies to reach your venue, arrange the flight tickets for their safe and timely arrival.

In large corporate events, no matter how many staffs you include, chances are, there can be a shortage of staffs while attending all of your guests. Ask some volunteers to join and create your strong confident base.

3) Technical Errors can be the Real Face-Palm

The best instruments, microphones, and projectors might be installed at the stage. Yet, a backup instrument and microphones could be a wise decision. Test the instruments and ensure their proper functioning. Ask your event planner to arrange an alternate projector room in case of any relocation required.

4) Backup Files, Devices, and Documents

If your event is about to display new products through the presentation make sure the file content is shared among other devices too. In case one laptop fails to perform, you can quickly regenerate a new copy of the whole presentation. Keep a pen drive, hard disk, and a spare laptop with the document inside, prepared.

5) Organizing an Outdoor Event? – Get an Indoor Backup Space

Outdoor Event

Outdoor events make an impression on every guest and audience. People enjoy more space and air compared to a suffocated packed hall. But then, things can get messier if the weather plays against your favor. Discuss an indoor spacious hall prior to the event with your coordinator and event planner. A calm entry and safe exit of guests are what makes an event a success and specialized.

We, at J & R Events, encompass special master skills when it comes to the last-minute preparation of any event. Whether you are looking for an artistic wedding planner in Pune or someone certified to handle your corporate event, our accomplished designers and planners would leave no stone unturned to create that “wow” factor on your audience and guests.

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