5 steps for stress-free weddings

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5 steps for stress-free weddings

The term Bridalveil was coined aptly for today’s brides who are more nervous than excited about their wedding. With tons of arrangements and vendors to take care of, weddings these days have become a super stressful affair and it’s taking a toll on not just the bride but also the groom. While the couple wants every aspect of their wedding to be perfect, they cannot possibly micromanage everything and have to share their responsibilities in the hands of experts. This is where Events Jack Ratna comes into the picture. Being recognized as the most personalizedour team works relentlessly with the bride and groom ensuring every last detail is taken care without putting the couple through any strain.

If you are getting started with your wedding planning, follow these tips shared by our experts to have a stress – free wedding:


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Don’t sweat the small stuff

Instead of worrying over the smallest of details, focus on the bigger picture, i.e, it’s a day of celebration of love between you and your partner. Make this day about what is more important and close to your heart, rather than things and trends to follow. Personalize the day with arrangements that reflect your personality and your love for each other. For example, have a memory board set up with your favorite pictures, or create your own playlist for the reception.

Have a timeout

Indian weddings are not a single day affair, but a week-long celebration. And you would want to relax a bit before the big day. In order to be more refreshed and energetic on your wedding, clear all your appointments, meetings and schedules to give rest to your body and mind.


Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life and you wouldn’t want to be caught up in last minutes arrangements. Make sure you allocate all the big and small responsibilities to your close family and friends in order to be stress-free of any hiccups on the D-day.

Have an SOS kit

Whether you are bride or groom, you must have an SOS kit that includes all essentials, from a sewing kit, safety pins, to double-sided tape, paracetamol, crucial makeup items for last-minute touch-ups, etc. This will help you save from any last minute emergencies.

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Hire a wedding planner

While you would want to be in charge of your own wedding but hiring a wedding planner will help you plan and execute it better. At Events Jack Ratna, a renowned Wedding events company, we have the expertise and passion to make your dream wedding come true. Offering you a complete peace of mind, our team of experts will work round the clock to ensure you and your family treasure the memorable event of your life.

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