5 Tips for a Perfect Monsoon Wedding

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5 Tips for a Perfect Monsoon Wedding

Do you plan to get married in the monsoon? No doubt it is an exciting idea. Millions like you aspire for a monsoon wedding as the weather during monsoon is not only beautiful but also romantic. But the only problem of getting married in the monsoon is that a little shower at the time of the function can spoil the entire show.

Your desires and plans to look stunning on the important day of your life i.e. your wedding day by becoming the cynosure of all eyes may not work out as exactly planned by you as rains would play a spoilsport. But there is no need to get disheartened on account of the same; with a bit of perfect planning and few important tips to follow, you can make your wedding a grand success with loads of good memories to fall back on.

There are some very good wedding planners in Pune who would be more than willing to help you for a reasonable fee by providing you with the right and timely guidance to make your wedding day a memorable one.

Listed below are few tips for brides and grooms to follow who plan to get married in the monsoon to make the special day of their life memorable.

Venue Selection:

One of the most important decision to make when getting married in monsoon is to choose the venue wisely and smartly as a wrong choice of venue would result in spoiling the entire show. It always pays to select a venue that has both indoor and outdoor arrangements. The reason behind opting for a venue having both indoor and outdoor arrangements is to be able to enjoy the pleasant weather if there is no rain and to conduct the marriage function indoors if it rains.

Negotiate Smartly:

Most of the marriages that happen in India get finalized well in advance and that too months before. Hence if you plan to get married during the monsoon, you can get the opportunity to see, choose and select the venue in advance along with negotiating the prices thus saving a huge amount on the cost of the venue as most of the big hotels offer heavy discounts as they do not get many bookings in monsoons.

Selection of Theme:

Great care in choosing the right theme as just going by the props or colors won’t be of much help. Get clarity on the type of things that vendor would be provided in the venue. Have a frank talk with the vendor about the color choice which you would like to have such as bright vibrant rainbow colors or light colors. You can even make the choice of a complete flower theme as, during the monsoon period, the prices of flowers become very cheap. Party dance or pool party is also another popular choice for pre-wedding functions.

Choice of Menu:

Menu choice for monsoon weddings requires great care and attention. This is because even a slight carelessness could spoil the entire affair and would make the guests remember your wedding for all the wrong reasons. Hence utmost attention on hygiene and the type of food that would get served to the guest’s needs is essential. Avoid very spicy foods and try to have in the menu food items that are easily digestible along with a variety of choices. A Little bit of extra attention is all that one needs to pay to choose the right caterers and to make the perfect choice for the wedding menu?

How to look stunning on the most special day of your life?

When it comes to Indian weddings, the bride and the groom cannot escape from wearing heavy Lehengas, Jewellery, and Sherwani respectively. In a monsoon wedding, it makes sense to choose the fabrics that are light in weight for the Lehenga and Sherwani or ethnic Kurta or Churidar to feel comfortable. Avoid going for dark colors; instead, choose bright colors that would add a spark.

Marriage is a once in a lifetime affair, hence making the perfect choice for the wedding day on all aspects is very important.

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