6 Fashion Rules for Grooms

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6 Fashion Rules for Grooms

Do you wish to look stunning and stylish just like your partner on the day of your wedding, if so then you have come to the right place? It is a well-known fact that on the day of your wedding you and your partner would no doubt become the centre of attraction. Hence as a groom, you would definitely want to look your best. You need not despair; we are there to help you. As a reputed and leading wedding planner in Pune, we have years of experience in wedding planning and we would love to help you in figuring out what to wear on the day of your wedding. You just need to follow the below-given tips and rules to look your best on the day of your wedding:

Wear a perfectly fitted suit that meets the occasion:

First and foremost, choosing attire that meets the occasion is very important. The attire worn by you on your wedding day should not only be proper and suitable to the venue but should also match the mood of the wedding. If the wedding takes place during day time or even outdoors, it would suit you to wear a casual or light coloured outfit such as Khaki etc.

In case of the marriage taking place in the evening at a plush hotel try wearing a tuxedo or a well-fitted suit.

Try to match your outfit with that of your partners:

Another important rule that a groom has to keep in mind while choosing his wedding outfit is that he should try matching the same with that of the bride’s. Though it may not always happen that the groom would be aware of the bride’s selection it is better to remain informed about the bride’s choice of clothes as your wedding would be the first and best chance that both of you get to show off your style as a couple.

Try to select an outfit based on your body type:

One of the best ways to look smart is to choose clothes based on your body type. If you happen to have a slim and tall gait, all type of suit and tuxedo will look good on you. Just make sure that you go for a double-breasted suit as it will help to portray a broader look.

If you are someone who is slightly bulky and want to portray a slimmer look, and then opt for a suit that not only fits you well but also has a little nip or squeeze in the waist to get an overall look of a leaner figure.

Opt for the perfect fit:

An ill-fitting tuxedo will spoil the show even if you have chosen the most expensive one. It will not only end up making you feel awful but also make you look bad. Hence it is always wise to choose or opt for suits that allow you plenty of freedom to move about thus providing you with enough mobility-be it dancing, twisting or raising arms. You can either buy on rent or buy outright but just make sure that it is custom-made.

Ensure that your outlook blends with the wedding theme:

Matching the suit or tuxedo with the other attendants and groomsmen is also equally essential as it would look weird if you are in a tuxedo and the other men are wearing a khaki suit. In fact, you should try to match your outfit with the wedding theme. Especially in Indian weddings, there are different rituals which demand to wear of Dhoti or Kurta by the groom. In such situations, wearing the proper attire as the situation demands would be ideal.

Choose the right and matching accessories:

Last but not the least; choosing the perfect accessories to go with the dress is very important as otherwise it is likely to spoil the show. Say for instance wearing a shoe with a kurta/pyjama would look outrageous. Similarly wearing slippers /chappal over a tuxedo would make you look funny. Hence going into the finer details before hand would really help you to get that perfect look on your wedding day.


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