6 Unique Ways to Host the Grand Opening Ceremony of Your Business

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6 Unique Ways to Host the Grand Opening Ceremony of Your Business

After all those years of planning and gaining investors, you are finally ready to open up your own business. Congratulations on your achievement! There is no doubt you planned every detail of your grand opening event, but as far as the marketing and promotional event is concerned, you have just got started.

Needless to say but the first impression is always the last impression. Make sure you kick-start your dream business with a grand opening which becomes the talk of the town. How? Our plant inauguration manager in Pune brings you top 10 best ideas for event management for plant inauguration.

1) Attention Grabbing Advertisement with Air Balloons

No one traveling on the road can miss the sight of an air balloon displaying your brand name. If the budget permits, put some flags on display with an empowering quote that perfectly defines your business prospects.

2) Use Images


If you are opening a restaurant, bakery, or clothing showroom, take pictures of the best eatery and clothes to put on display. Remember- large images of fresh food and clothing fabric look more tempting to the customers, and they will land to your doorstep to explore more products.

3) Flyers are still in power

For customers out of reach, you can print flyers and circulate among the public hangout places. Many of the coffee shops and small business create space on their walls for community event updates. To make it look more engaging and unique, get the flyers customized and always consider posting a digital rendering of the flyers on your social media page.

4) Social Media Advertising


Create a Facebook event page and reach out to your local community. Tag your event with favorite hot spots and hashtags to make your post visible on the maximum user’s page. Push the boundaries and advertise everywhere, for example, Radio, Television, newspaper, billboards, and social media. Let the world know you have something better to offer them.

5)  Break some Records

The Guinness World Records have been wowing people for many decades now. Businesses create different types of records in their domain which interest like-minded people. If you are a restaurant owner, create one biggest food item (the largest pizza, the most-layered cake, etc.) to break the record. If you cannot break the record on a bigger platform, try breaking record in a country, state or city. The success boundaries are infinite.

6) Ask your guests for testimonials

Business is not just about money and profit. It is also about building a strong relation with your community and making sure they enjoy your services. At the grand opening ceremony, turn out to your customers and visitors to get their feedback on your business idea. If you receive overwhelming feedbacks, take it one step further and request your customers to leave a review on Google.

There are millions of grand opening event ideas available for small and large business. Whether it’s your 1st store or the 20th, our enthusiastic event managers are well-versed with innovative ideas that help your brand stand out of the crowd.

Are you planning a grand opening ceremony for your business? Contact Events Jack and relax while we generate soul to the event and make it livelier.

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