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8 ways to make your wedding interactive

Except for conversing with known faces and posing for photographs and shaking hands with the newlywed couple, the guests of your wedding undergo a monotonous experience. Isn’t it your responsibility to engage your guests during your wedding by offering them a wonderful day to be remembered? Well, with the concepts of interactive wedding popping up, perhaps your wish can be easily satiated! Yes, interactive wedding ideas keep your guests entertained and can easily make it a special day for everyone, says a reputed wedding planner in Pune. Interested? Read on…

  1. Invites:

    There can’t be a better idea to begin unique interactive experience for your guests other than a perfect invite. It can be a YouTube video requesting the august presence of your guests to grace the occasion. Infact, the fun elements can be magnified by collecting few interesting facts from guests about bride and groom, which can be elegantly displayed on the wedding day.


Go social:

How can we neglect this buzzing element in this present era? Social media can definitely be the best tool for an amusing wedding day. You can always create an exclusive blog about your wedding, so that all your guests can easily follow you. And in recent times, it has also become fashionable and interesting to setup an exclusive twitter account for the function and let your guests also share their emotions and feelings live!


  1. Make it yourself food counters:

    Yes, we are serious about this, but of course, you need not request your guests to knead dough. Eating can be made a pleasurable experience with interactive food stalls that serves all the bare essentials, but expect guests to collate them. For instance, guests can choose flavour, cone type, toppings, and sauce in the ice-cream counter, or create their own healthy salad with toppings of their choice.


  1. Kid’s zone:

    There can’t be a second opinion on the fact that a wedding gathering can be efficiently managed if kids are well engaged. So how about few game parlors, magic shows, or even tattoo counters for the little ones?


  1. Interesting table recreations:

    Many times, guests may feel bored while sitting at the designated table and anticipating for the wedding ceremony to be completed. The best way to keep their interests alive in the function would be to have few interesting board games in the table. Remember, adults too love to play board games!


  1. Guest books:

    Guests love to express their love and emotion towards bride and groom, and would it not be a smart idea to have a notebook with a pen near the wedding stage? Those crazy notes and loving messages inked on that pad would be a treasure you would always cherish upon.


  1. Selfie booth:

    Who doesn’t love to have a selfie? Have a special photo booth for your guest to beam their smile with co-guests is a sure shot winner idea and as an added tip, immediate prints of photos would be a roaring success.


  1. Decorative signboard cum pin boards:

    No, we aren’t talking about the trivial floral decorated signboards welcoming the guests, but about blackboard based signboards that infuses a natural outlook and presents an opportunity for guests to write or pin their wishes.


With several other ideas such as lawn games, dance podium and many more under our kitty, we as one of the reputed wedding planners in Pune are strongly poised to deliver an interactive evening. Get in touch with us to know how elegantly we can serve and create the most memorable day for you and your guests.

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