9 Factors That Will Greatly Impact Your Event Plan Post Covid-19 Lockdown

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9 Factors That Will Greatly Impact Your Event Plan Post Covid-19 Lockdown

We can’t tell when, but after this national (and global) lockdown will be lifted, and everyone will try to get back to their routine lives, the fear and cautiousness caused by this pandemic will linger for a significant time. In light of this anxiety, the WHO also released a 9-page document stating a detailed list of crucial guidelines regarding mass gatherings during the COVID-19 outbreak, something that event managers should consider as a vital reference for planning their events hereafter and at least till the next year. It is only apparent that your planning strategy will require a considerable amount of revamping in order to execute your event successfully.

If you’re planning an event any time in the end or post the lockdown, here are the key takeaway factors that’ll have a significant impact on your event’s success and will help you be prudent with your planning decisions accordingly:

The Geographic Location Of Your Event:
As you already are aware, any events planned in the red zones won’t be allowed to actuate until the condition is under control in those regions.
Even when you’re planning your event in safe zones, you’ll have to consider the surrounding areas and their COVID-19 stats, and if your audience would find visiting around those locations as safe.
Hence, whether you decide to move your event to another relatively favorable location or choose to fortify your event to reflect safety and precariousness in the same place will be a major concern for everyone who’ll be attending your event.
The Demographics Of Your Audience:
The locations where your ket audiences will be commoning from is an as crucial concern as the event location. Also, their age groups and role in your event is something you’ll have to analyze as the virus is more likely to attack the elderly.
Some companies have banned employees from traveling to other places for workplace security reasons while some people will willingly refuse to travel for their family’s safety concerns.
Your VIPs, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, contractors, and other stakeholders who’ll be in contact with each other will need some assurance of their safety. This is why analyzing the demographics of your entire audience and considering other factors, you’ll have to redo your guest list accordingly.
The Government Regulations At Your Event’s Location:
Depending on the fluctuations in the spread of this virus, you’ll have to be ready to postpone or shift your entire event to a different location if the official authorities decide to shut down mass gatherings on short notice.
On the other hand, there are chances that airlines, trains, and other transportation services may decide to alter their timings or shut down, creating a grave problem for your guests.
Hence, as a precautionary measure, you can design a system to keep updating your guests about the active routes and travel timings and ensure they don’t get stuck at any point.
Accommodation Of Your Guests:
Just like travel, accommodation services will also face drastic changes. You might have developed good relationships with hotels around your usual venue, but amid this crisis, the safety and quality of services must be your priority concern.
As an event manager, you have to help your delegates with confidence and honesty, and saying that you won’t be able to take responsibility for their accommodation will cause a grave loss in their faith in your event. Hence, you may have to find new accommodation options if you aren’t sure about the hygiene and COVID-19 precautionary measures your current accommodation partners are taking.
Here, you’ll have to review your contracts and insurance policies as well, to ensure no dispute arises if such a time occurs.
Impact of Rumours and Assumptions:
You’ll see a lot of presumptuous headlines and news reports circulated about the virus and its impact on various locations. And as most of us judge the article based on the headline, chances of your guests having second thoughts about attending your event can go up.
It’s the media’s nature to put bad news at a higher priority than good as bad news attracts more viewers. However, you’ll also find reliable news sources who only circulate verified and positive information wherever it Arises.
You may have to consider regulating the right information regarding your event’s locality amongst your audiences to help them distinguish facts from false rumors and make a rational decision.
Possible Alternatives For The Event Activities:
Certain activities like buffets and live speeches will have to be rearranged in a way that doesn’t violate any safety measures.
Also, there are other activities like presentations and keynote speeches that can alternatively stream digitally today. Opt for such a change may help you reduce the number of physical guests who will be attending while the rest can be present digitally.
You can create video forums, webinars, chat rooms for all your guests to communicate effortlessly and arrange projected screens to live stream your speakers’ speech distantly with everyone present.
The Safety Precautions At Your Event:
This factor, before any other factor, is something you’ll have to plan out intricately.
Your guests must be made aware that you’re taking every step possible to ensure their safety during their visit. From physical distancing to face masks to sanitizers, you may have to integrate all the precautions into your event blueprints thoroughly.
Adding thermal scanners and on-site ambulances can help you in the worst-case scenario where someone may have gotten infected. Collaborate with the local medical authorities to plan evacuations and share information about all symptomatic guests at such times.
This will significantly help in increasing the audiences’ confidence in your dedication towards this event and significantly impact your event turnout.
Your Efficiency of Communicating Information:
Last, but the most important responsibility you’ll carry during this crisis will be to communicate accurate and timely information with your entire audience before and after the event.
Keep your sponsors and stakeholders informed about the ongoing progress of the event. Send out important alerts to your guests via emails or messaging options.
Your website can be a powerful tool for sharing information about the event plans, behind the scene work, what activities are added or canceled, etc. the key is to communicate openly and honestly.

Planning an event anytime this year will have its unique risks and will require a new perspective towards planning strategies and priorities. And doing it all by yourself may cause loopholes and breakdowns in several of your plans. Since unique expertise will be necessary to seal such loopholes and breakdowns, a wise idea would be to seek help from an event consultant who specializes in customizing event strategies to severe distinct purposes. And to find such an event management company, Pune is the best place to look. J&R Events is one such highly unique event consultant in Pune who can guide in creating a foolproof event plan which can assure optimal safety and the best audience turnout during this crisis. You can visit the J & R Events website to know more about their out-of-the-box planning strategies and contact them for their invaluable guidance.

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