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6 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Bridal Entry Spectacular

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“It’s your time to shine!” Quite Literally!

When all eyes are on you, holding their breath and your better half cannot help but cry a little at the first glimpse, you need to make sure your entrance is marvelous. As you embark on a new journey, it is worth making an entry into your new life not only stylish but also a memorable one. We at Wedding Planners in Pune have helped create hundreds of such beautiful memories and bring to you awesome ideas that will help you plan your own grand entrance!

bride entry ideas

1. A Floral Affair: Walking under a phoolon ki chaadar is not only dreamy but also the most traditional way for a bride entrance. Whether it is a jaali of roses, a chaadar with strings of fresh white flowers, or mogra, orchids and leaves, having a flowery entrance will make you feel no less than a royal bride. You can always get it customised with adding kalire, tea lights, tassels or match it with your attire or the wedding theme.

2. Starry Night: There will be literally taare zameen par when you walk down the aisle in the midst of sparkles or phooljhadis. Lighting your way, you can make your squad hold them while you enter your favorite song playing in the background. Your dream of fairytale wedding begins here!

grand entry ideas

3. Chariot it away: A princess ought to have the right ride and every bride is a princess on her wedding day. And what is better than a chariot or palki! Revisit the classic yet royal custom of arriving in a palki or chariot and wow your guests with the grand entrance. You can decorate it with flowers and pearls or go all noble with imperial motifs and intricate designs for the head-turning entry.

4. ‘Rick’ety Ride: If you are the quirky types and want to have some fun at your wedding, then arriving in a rickshaw will be the perfect entry prop for you. Covered in marigold flowers with music blaring from the speakers, waltz in your wedding with a swag!

5. Light it up: We all at some point have imagined ourselves being in a song surrounded by beautiful diyas and a petal shower! Well, it’s time to bring that to life. Your bridal entry cannot be more dreamy, romantic and filmy with diyas and flowers! Plan this with your bridesmaids where they lead the way with diyas and as you enter, a shower of petals is welcoming you. *sigh*

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6. Biker Bride: Ante up your bridal entry with your favorite ride and break all the conventional rules of a bride being shy and poised. With a big smile and roar of your bike, enthrall the guests with this avant-garde entry!

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