Be a Good Guest at an Indian Wedding by Following These Things

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Be a Good Guest at an Indian Wedding by Following These Things

Indian wedding traditions and ceremonies are several day affairs offering varied and unique experience involving wide-spread of food, music and colours. In short, it is like a huge family celebration.  In the Indian context, marriage is not only among two people but between two families. It is the coming together of two souls and hence the marriages in India get conducted with great care and as per traditional practices.
Just making an entry into an Indian wedding is enough for anyone to understand the efforts that has gone into it to organize it so meticulously and planned. Hence it is very essential that those attending the wedding get involved whole heartedly in the great and once in life time celebrations.
If you are some one lucky who has got the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding, grab it immediately without losing the opportunity and be ready and excited to experience the most colourful, lively and extravagant days you would have ever experienced.
Listed below are some worthy and useful guidance on how to be good guest at an Indian wedding

Prepare yourself ahead:
Most Indian wedding last from few days to a week involving varied Indian wedding traditions and ceremonies such as Mehendi, Sangeet, Baraat, Muhurat, Reception, Bidai etc. Hence as a good guest, you should expect all this and take adequate rest to have the requisite energy to enjoy and get involved in the ceremonies.
Get properly dressed for the occasion:
Each of the Indian guests arriving at the wedding would be dressed for the occasion in bright and bold colours in varied designs. In case you do not want to feel left out, then it is better that you plan your wardrobe days ahead of the wedding. Try experimenting with your outfit by opting for bold and bright colours and try to avoid wearing whites and blacks, as in India, white coloured clothes are usually worn to mourn and black colour is associated with bad luck.

Try to Socialize:
While attending Indian weddings, try to interact and chat with as many guests as you can though there are chances that you might not know many of the people in the wedding, still try to get involved by meeting new people and start chat with them such as the place from where they have come and how are they related to the bride or groom. There are great chances that you may get to hear some interesting anecdotes.

Relish the food:
Food especially in an Indian wedding is usually a wide-spread affair. Food is highly valued and respected in the Indian traditions and way of life. Hence when it comes to Indian weddings, each dish is chosen carefully and   considered by the bride and the groom’s family with utmost care to enable guests to enjoy the same.
Try tasting if not all, at least some of the dishes or desserts and relish the same and do not forget to compliment the groom or the bride’s family for their choice of the culinary menu. You can even start some food related chats talks with the hosts or fellow guests as this will help you to bond easily.

Learn about the Indian customs and traditions:
Indian wedding traditions and ceremonies involve a lot of customs and rituals and as a new comer it is but natural that you would be astonished. Each of the ceremony, from mehendi to haldi, baraat and taking of vows has great significance and profound religious meaning attached to it. If you are someone who is not very familiar with the Indian customs and traditions, feel free to ask anybody in the wedding about the same and you would get to learn a lot about the meanings behind each custom and tradition.

Lastly, always pay respect to elders in an Indian wedding as Indians value their families highly and are also very closely knit. Offer help to elders who need any kind of help and avoid addressing them by their first names. You can address them as Aunt or Uncle as that is how they get addressed usually in India.
If it is your wish that you be  called  as a good guest at an Indian wedding then the secret lies in getting actively involved in the wedding by participating in all the rituals and shaking your legs on the dance floor with an open heart by enjoying yourself thoroughly.

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