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Choosing The Right Colors for your Event

You walk into an event and feel your soul uplifted due to the ambience, lighting, music, and colours. Understanding the psychological effects that colours have on your audience is a crucial thing to master. J&R Events has been the leading event management company in Pune and is well known for its excellence in choosing colours associated with the chosen mood to evoke such feelings in the audience.


Choosing colours strategically for commercial event planning will create a massive impact on the brand of product and service. Colours chosen for an event depicts a specific identity and defines your message, distinction, and character of the company. Let us find out the right colour coordination for events that make an impressive statement.


1) Red: Red is a symbol of love, power, excitement, and is a dominating colour. It drives more attention than any other colours. If you are event planning for a wedding reception, anniversary, or any Party that indulge love and affection, red is your go-to-colour.

2) Blue: Blue symbolizes a sense of intelligence, loyalty, and command. So, if you are an organization or company launching a new product or service at an event to attract more loyal customers, blue is your event colour theme. Our event planners will help you with different shades of blue that perfectly blends with the agenda of your event.

3) Green: Green is a colour that represents health, nature, and a new beginning, and growth. It also symbolizes regeneration. If you are hosting an event for cosmetic, health, and beauty company, green is the colour to make an outstanding statement. You can also try furniture and decor elements in green shades accompanied by a touch of white shades.

4) Yellow: Yellow is a colour used to express joy, energy, and excitement. Yellow is also a colour of optimism. It is a colour of youth and confidence and conveys success and confidence. Discuss the lighting arrangement with your event planner because the power of yellow tends to get lost in too much lighting at the venue.

5) Purple: The symbol of royalty, luxury, and wealth, Purple is your event theme colour if you are hosting an event for the entertainment industry. Also, if you want to represent the above qualities at your event, do not hesitate to choose Purple as your event theme.

6) Orange: If you are hosting an event that has a competitive spirit in it, orange is the colour to choose. Not many organizations want orange as it has a vibrant effect on the audience. But, if you love experimenting and desire on creating a wow-factor at the event, pick orange as your event colour.


We, as a leading event management service provider, pay attention to our customer’s need and requirements. We are all ears to offer the theatrical thematic events to our clients that create the most significant impact on our client’s business products and services.

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