COVID-19 and Event Industry: Know The New Normal

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COVID-19 and Event Industry: Know The New Normal

Since the onset of the epidemic, event industry has been strongly affected by the disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Waking up to the news of more cancellations and postponements of events has become a new normal for every event organizer. With travel-bans, shelter-in-place orders, and restrictions against get-together meetings, the entire industry is on a standstill, unable to operate.

Events are those places where high-level debates take place forging new ideas and professional relationships. In the business world, organizing an event is a great way to generate tangible benefits and strengthen brand trust. However, with the lockdown announcement, the event consultant has come up with numerous innovative ideas to host events, covering all aspects of the attendees’ safety and personal hygiene. In these unprecedented hours, the best event management company in Pune has come up with some unmatched solutions to help the industry drive safe the new normal:

Virtual Events

With several platforms hosting activities such as events, seminars, conclaves, meetings, and conferences, and even weddings, the myriad technological disruptions have tapped the seamless online arrangement of activities that involve a large number of participants. The event management company host events with a powerful user interface to provide the sponsors and viewers a realistic experience.


A year past, events were all about the large stage, multitudes of people, and a large arena. However, according to a recent survey, we asked people about their experience with live events. Shockingly, many people complained that they felt disconnected at the event due to overcrowding at the venue. We have converted this flaw in an opportunity where the viewers can enjoy the show of their favourite artists in the comfort of their homes. Many artists have also come forward to honor this request of their fans.

Improved Advertising

People are locked inside their homes, which has increased their usage of social media. In the past, advertisements were highly consumer-centric, dynamic, and engaging. But now, the majority of the organizations are coming forth to make their online presence at different platforms to generate brand awareness, drive traffic, and promote their virtual events to boost their viewer’s participation.

Global Presence

The most significant positive change we are going to witness in the event industry is breaking down the geographical barriers. People from across the world can now view their beloved artists performing live while the audience is sitting in their homes. Virtual events have become a relief for the event industry and business marketing, as now people can target audiences from all around the globe.


To get back everything into a routine, it may take a year. Although the non-containment places may get the authority to host events, safety concerns will become a significant aspect of a successful event. Organizers need to maintain proper hygiene at the venue, warehouse, and even while delivering accessories. The virus has triggered tremendous fear in people’s minds. Therefore, many will be afraid to face the crowd.

During this COVID-19 era, successful will be those who will succeed in keeping their audience, staff, and personnel safe from the virus. Across the country, event producers and planners are being called on to solve unique problems. If you are looking for ways to host an event, we assure you that your audience will be safe in our supervision. Contact J& R Events, the leading corporate and wedding event management company in Pune to learn more about our new arrangements to help fight COVID-19.

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