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Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Even with best of efforts and arrangements, it is quite possible to encounter few hurdles while organizing an event. Hence it is of paramount importance to cover all the bases while planning and adopting fool proof tips and tricks to ensure the smooth conduct of the event. No, we are not talking about the usual venue selection or décor designing aspects that anyway appear in your ‘To Do’ list; we are indeed concerned about few contingencies that always pop up during the event.

Having worked as wedding planners in Pune for years together, we have picked up several smart tips and tricks during our journey and have outlined few of them below. With the help of these techniques, you can always tide those situations and avoid embarrassing situations.

Lend your ears:

Perhaps it is one of the smart ways to save money and all you need to do is to let one contractor lead you to the other. For instance, who can be a better person other than your photographer to recommend your decorator? Or how about your venue owner recommending the apt security agency? There is no harm in trying them!

Go for extra:

It is not a bad idea to demand more (but let us not be greedy) from the vendors. Especially, if your wedding day falls on a less demanding day, you can always bargain for more. By the way, unless you are in a hurry to get married, investigate the calendar and make sure that ample time is available for making all plans.

Choose good meal plan:

It is true that wedding meals tend to be sumptuous, but that does not mean that it needs to be wasted. Make a conservative list of guests and talk with your caterer. With loads of experience, they would do the necessary that makes everyone happy. As an important note, do note that it is very much important to fill the stomach of your support staff and other vendor personnel engaged in your wedding.

Make teams:

It is not possible to carry out all the works by you and so, seek the help of your well wishers, friends, and even colleagues to share few tasks. It is worth sharing now that wedding planning is a team effort and requires concentrated efforts. If your work schedule does not permit the luxury of additional time, the only way to achieve proper execution of your event is through professional event managers, says a reputed wedding planner in Pune.

Go one at a time:

There is no point in complicating your thought process by handling all the aspects together. Make a timeline and logical sequence of events, so that a systematic flow of events can be obtained. For example, until the guest list is prepared, you never know what type of venue size is required or how many plates of meals should be specified to your caterer. Similarly, until you freeze theme of your wedding, it is not possible to obtain the budgetary quote from your florist or stage decorator.

Follow thumb rules:

Sometimes thumb rules give better results – right from venue size selection to quantum of meals. On most of the occasions, contractors or sub-vendors go by thumb rules and you can always approach them for better grip on your plans.

Try these smart tips and tricks while planning your event and you are sure to feel the difference in level of execution. For further information, you can always contact us!

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