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Genda Phool Decoration at Wedding

Talk of Indian wedding and we begin to visualize the grand decor concepts including the floral decoration. Indian customs give importance to fresh flowers in every pious activity where blessings of god are sought. Some flowers like genda have become synonymous with wedding decoration, and there are reasons for this! Genda phool or the marigold which is known for its rich aroma and bright yellow color is perceived as the symbol of spirituality, fertility and overall goodness. Therefore, most people seek to beautify their home with these flowers. Leading wedding planners in Pune and other Indian cities find the highest demand for genda phool decoration from the clients.

Responding to such demand for genda decoration in wedding, top wedding event company has developed dedicated decor concepts. Check out these trending entrance with genda phool

The Entrance to the Wedding Venue

Decorate the main entrance to the wedding venue with genda phool and enhance the grandeur of the place. It is also one of the best concepts to greet your guests who feel enchanted with the immersive aroma of these flowers.

Wedding Mandap with Genda Phool Decoration

The Mandap

A mandap is a special place where all the wedding rituals are performed. It is here that the bride and groom sit together and take vows to live together happily ever. Genda which is considered pious among all other flowers is a must addition to the mandap.

Bridal Jhoola

Bridal Jhoola

Decorate bridal jhoola with fresh genda flowers. In many regions, bride to be and new brides sit on such jhoola.

Table Centrepiece

Table Centrepiece

Decorate the dining and other tables in the house and wedding venue with genda phool. These flowers can be put in contrast as these are available in orange and yellow colors.

pool decor with genda phool

Water pool decoration with genda

Event managers for wedding recommend putting genda phool in the water pool or the garden pond to give it a vibrant look during the wedding function.

Car Decor with genda

Bridal car has been invariably decorated with genda flowers since the old days. You can opt for such decor too in your wedding

photo booth with genda phool

Photo Booth

Put up photo booths decorated with bright and fresh genda flowers. You can also complement the place with flower decorated frames that your guests will use for selfies and pictures.

decorating platter with genda phool

Decorating Platter for Sindoor and Mangalsutra

Spread fresh genda flowers while making the platter for carrying mangalsutra and sindoor during wedding ceremony.

background decoration

Background decoration

Decorate background walls with genda flowers that hang down.

Wedding Confetti

Genda flowers are traditionally used as wedding confetti. Do not miss it!

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Mehendi ceremony decoration

Mehndi ceremony finds a perfect match with the aromatic genda flowers décor.

fun rides for wedding

Fun Rides for a Photo Session

Style up your fun ride like bicycle or rickshaw with genda flowers and be prepared for a unique photo session.

hanging decoration

Hanging decorations

Install a huge hanging decoration made with fresh genda flowers in the main audience place.

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