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How To Host An Epic Diwali Party in 2019

Although our festivals came into existence through our ancient traditions, nowadays, they have become a getaway from the busy fast-track life for everyone. Every festival brings in India brings the joy of sharing in the form of colours, sweets, gifts, music and more, for a few days.

Diwali is the most prominent festival for all of us. Being one of the longest celebrations, this festival of lights bring home the fragrance of delicacies, the shine of new garments and furniture, the brightness of fireworks and most importantly, the happiness of friends and family coming together.

Therefore, to make sure you are well prepared to host a fun-filled party for your guests, this year, we decided to help you with a few suggestions to plan the most flabbergasting Diwali celebration party your guests would have ever seen.

Start with the Decor

‘Light’ is the key element of the Diwali function.
Brighten up your home’s interior and exterior with a combination of lighting systems, creating a subtle theme which suits your home.

You can also try different artificial decorations of fabrics and plastic but remember to use eco-friendly and reusable materials only.

You can also use this opportunity to spread awareness about a specific topic by putting up information around the house in a creative way.

This way, the brightness outside will reflect within everyone’s hearts when they arrive at your party.

Put the Word Out

Digital invitations are more efficient and time-saving than making numerous phone calls and sending out printed cards.
You can find some really cool online editors to design your invitations which can share across all social platforms.

Also, digital letters are easy to RSVP, which is extremely helpful in finalizing a guest list and distributing your budget for the menu and the decor.

Craft the Menu

Of course, the usual homemade sweets, fryums, crackers and snacks are on the list by default.

However, you can add a twist to the flavours and presentation for a change.

You can find a myriad of good recipe books on unique Diwali foods to spark some ideas in your brain. You can also introduce your guests to a new dish which you discovered.

Another worthy option would be to order such unique dishes from restaurants to save time.

Compile the Best Diwali Playlist:

Music fills the ambience with positive energy and is a fundamental part of the life of any party.
Compile an upbeat and jolly playlist with songs from across generations to level things up. It is also important to keep the occasion and theme in mind.

Think about your guests, what kind of songs would they like? How long is the party supposed to be? Can you allow song requests?

Also, keep it simple and ambient, enough to make sure it won’t irritate the guests as they converse.

Install Full Games Throughout the Party:

Games help people bond and spend happy time with each other.

Entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a band or setting up game booths; you can simply decide on simple indoor games and activities which people of all ages can enjoy.

Karaoke and charades are the universal favourites for everyone.

Regards with Return Gifts:

The last and most important step is to thank your guests for their time and commitment.

Think of something unique, other than the usual showpieces and vases.

A gift is supposed to be something which they would be glad to have and cherish for a long time. You can decide individual gifts for your close friends and family.

Planning a Diwali function or any event, in fact, is a pesky task as everything has to be carefully monitored and finding the best quality goods is quite tricky. Hence, a more affordable and efficient solution is to hire professional event planners who can do your planning just the way you like.

J&R Events is one such event management company in Pune that provides the most unique and creative event planning services. Be it a wedding, a party or a corporate event, J&R Events are widely known for being one of the most out-of-the-box event planners in Pune. You can learn more about their planning tactics and services on the J&R Events website.

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