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Planning for a birthday is an awesome experience and it can be as entertaining as a road trip filled with enthusiasm and bubbling energy. Infact half the fun of birthday party lies with its preparation and planning towards food arrangements, thematic decorations and activities. Birthday parties need not be grand or elaborate as long as special attention is given to all the participants.

Having been associated with Birthday Event Management Pune, we would like to stress upon the fact that careful planning with good organizational skills is essential to make it a memorable day filled with excitement. The key is to meticulously follow the time line that needs to be adopted to ensure a grand success of the party:

Two months before
• Fix the Theme: What can be a better way to choose the theme as per the liking of birthday boy or girl? Ofcourse, you can present them with options such as flora and fauna, nature, pre-historic creatures or even their favorite character.
• Draw the guest list: The guest count can be anything – your kid’s closest ten friends or the entire gang. But make sure that it fits your venue or make arrangements for off-site space and always have a space to accommodate last minute entries. When including the whole bunch of friends, think in totality to avoid hurt feelings.
• Confirm the guests: Float the date among the anticipated guests and check for their availability. This is more essential if birthday falls in between the vacation period or festive season.

One month before
• Chart out activities: Make a list of activities that you have planned during the entire span of the event. Fix the menu based on the age group of the invitees and as most of the kids have sweet tooth, go liberal with desserts and chocolates.
• Prepare invites: Prepare personalized invites and make sure that the address is updated. Do not forget to include the date, time, venue, pick-up and drop-off locations and RSVP details. To add excitement among kids, the invite should clearly spell out the food arrangements and other entertainment activities, such as magic show or movie.

Fortnight before
• Mail invitations: Unless you are not inviting the entire class, it is best to avoid distributing invites in school premises and hence, mail them.
• Start shopping: Start scouting for the items that are required for the party and initiate homemade decorations. As this can consume loads of time, seek extra help if necessary.

One week before
• Complete the purchase: Wrap up the shopping spree and load the house with all necessary craft items, gifts, groceries (if you are planning for in-house preparation of snacks and cake)
• Remind your guests: Go through RSVP and call guests who are yet to respond to your invitation.

One day before
• Bake the cake: If you are baking the cake, start right now. Alternatively, it is also the ideal time to order for a customized cake through outlets.
• Remind the caterer: Place a remainder call to caterer and confirm the delivery time.

Few hours before
• Make sure everything is in place and all set to go. Enjoy the occasion.
• Get ready to welcome your guests.

Essential tips:

• If it is kid’s party, the best time to conduct the event would be late in the afternoon or early in the evening, so as that the event goes on atleast for few hours and gets completed well before dinner time.
• Although it is advisable to go as per allocated time for each event, flexibility is the key towards achieving the smile across all the faces of guest. If kids do not show inclination towards an activity, it would be a wise decision to forego it and hop on to the next in agenda.
• Have a craft table ready for the guests who come early as this would keep them busy until other guests join them.

Having got the grip of the trade, have fun in organizing the event. Alternatively, you can always engage and rely upon J&R events, a renowned Event Management Company Pune to make the birthday party in your house to be more special and entertaining.

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