How to Plan First Birthday Party?

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How to Plan First Birthday Party?

First birthdays are always special for us. This acts as the first official celebration of our child’s birth, and we want to make it extremely special. So today, in this blog, we are sharing with you some of the tips that will help you plan a perfect first birthday party for your kid. Keep reading to know them – 

Set a theme

Kids love theme; it helps them to do something unique and something they can enjoy. This also sets a tone for the party. Therefore you can go for themes like candy land, superhero, fancy dress, etc.

Always…Always set a budget

Birthday parties are the events that can burn a hole in our pocket if not appropriately planned. So you need to decide your budget and strictly stick to it too. You can separate the departments and then decide how much to spend on what. Sorted!

Book a spacious venue

When kids are involved, you want to have a significant and spacious place to let them enjoy themselves to the fullest. So it is extremely important to look for a venue that has a lot of space.

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Return Gifts

Although it is not mandatory, trust us, kids will love it. After all, it’s all about making it extra special. So go for something fun and useful.


Food is the life of every party, and birthdays are nothing different. Make sure you have a food menu that will not just fill the kid’s tummies but also their hearts. 

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