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Indian Grooms Popular Accessories to Look Out for

Every Indian bride starts preparing for her wedding days ahead to get that perfect look; hence it is quite natural and equally essential that the groom makes an equal effort to look better if not more to compliment his bride on the special day of their life. Being better groomed will make wedding day special for groom as well as the bride.
If one looks back, gone are the days when those attending the wedding would stare only at the bride but in the modern-day wedding, the groom too needs to take equal effort to complement the bride in looks.
Though the grooms of the modern times pay great attention to their outfit, they end up missing out on the accessories. But ask any designer and he or she would say that for any outfit to look better, it is very essential that it gets teamed with the matching accessories as this alone helps in gaining the complete look. Hence even if you are someone who does not like to done accessories, as a groom, it pays to wear at least a few on your wedding day to make it special.
With long list of accessories for grooms to choose from in the market, it is quite natural that any groom would get confused. To make it easier for you to pick the right ones, we have listed out a few essential as well as popular accessories that would perfectly compliment with any wedding attire for grooms:

Turban/ Pagri:
One of the most essential accessories for the Indian groom portraying a traditional look especially in a North Indian Wedding is that of Turban or Pagri. With a wide variety to choose from, the choice is limitless. You can opt for either a beautiful fabric or a pattern like leheriyas, tie dyes or from self woven brocades. Even turbans embellished with Zardoshi work, stones and pearls are in great vogue now days.

Sehra is nothing but a veil of flowers tied to the Pagdi of the groom and is very popular among most cultures of India. Sehra aids to cover the face of the bridegroom along with protecting from evil eye. A groom can choose Sehra made from a variety of materials to complement or go with his attire such as strings of Pearls, Zari or Stones or decorated with other materials.

If you are groom who wants to sport a royal look in your wedding, then kalangi or Kalgi is for you. A feather kalangi fixed in front of the Pagdi with either Zari work or with studded with gem stones helps in not only providing a royal look but even in taking the royal look to an altogether new level.

Studs and Neck Pieces:
A gold chain with a heavy pendant or a string of pearls aids in enhancing the royal look very well and our Indian film stars are the ones who have to get the credit for sporting or carrying this look in all the wedding scenes of Bolly wood movies in the most elegant way. When paired with dazzling diamond studs or even royal gold studs, nothing can match the royal look that a groom would display on the day of his wedding.

Brooches and Cuff links:
The advantage of brooches is that it is easy to pin it on a Sherwani or a Band gala jacket or even on a Jodhpuri to get that rich look. Usually brooches are available either in platinum for Portraying a contemporary look and in gold for traditional look; brooches are easily available in the market in a wide varieties.
If you plan to wear a shirt, then never miss out on a pair of bejewelled cuff links that perfectly matches your shirt and complements your style. Buttons are a strict no. With varied designs and shapes available in cuff links in the market, the choice is limitless.

In case you plan to go for western formal, and then make sure that you match it with designer ties or bows. Opt for colours that complement the colour of your suit. If you prefer to go for a bow, even that helps in portraying a style statement and even jewelled tie pins to hold the tie in place aid in providing that an overall elegant look.
Do not forget to buy a good branded watch and leather shoes to complement the western wear or Jutties either Punjabi or Rajasthani to complement the Sherwani and Achkans.

A well-tailored outfit along with the right accessories to match it is no doubt going to make any groom look special on his wedding day.

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