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Indian summer wedding ideas

While scouting for a perfect wedding date, don’t fret if it happens to be fixed during summer. Having being retained as wedding planner in Pune for several summer weddings, we love the advantages associated with it such as clear weather and brilliantly bright outdoors and hence easily leverage them to an unforgettable wedding. Moreover, with abundant availability of tropical fruits and the aroma of fresh flowers, we are sure of creating a mesmerizing effect in your marriage. Well, let’s share few engrossing and amazing summer wedding ideas so that you can plan your celebration with great zeal.

1. Outdoor wedding:

Believe us, perhaps summers are the best season to have outdoor wedding. With heavily decorated stage and venue with cheerful and bright floral drapes made out of jasmine and marigolds, nothing really can go wrong. If possible, add the elegance of lamps and silk drapes to create a stunning effect. Remember, Indian wedding décor ideas are never subtle and in the first place, why they need to be?

2. Natural décor:

How about using the broad day light to its complete ability and thereby accentuate the brilliance of décor colors? Be it for colorfully painted flower pots along the venue or painted fruits as vases in tables, bright colored shades can be made to scintillate and infuse new visual dimension to interior décor of the venue.

3. Aqua magic:

What is a summer outdoor marriage without having fun with water? Be it for pool side party after the marriage or rain dance in the lawn or water pistol game for toddlers, it is a win-win situation for guests cutting across age groups.

4. Decorative shades:

Summer weddings present an additional aspect for decoration. Yes, umbrellas mounted across all the tables or the ceiling of the centre stage can be decorated with vividly color embroidery work or drapes made out of satin or flowers to render an eye catching décor scene.

5. Candles and lights:

With warm gentle breeze in the evenings, can there be a better way to grace the wedding evening other than candles and lights. Paper lanterns hanging across the venue, floating diyas in a temporary water pond and scented candles on the dining table, and ofcourse starts scattered all the over the sky, highly romantic ideas can be made to deliver mesmerizing décor solutions.

6. Chill Out:

As summers in India can be scorching, how about chilling out with natural juices, masala lemonades and sweetened lassi that are made abundantly available in the venue? Again, colorful popsicles filled bucket is a sure shot solution to garner the attention of kids and keep them engaged!

7. Chic Props:

Interested to add an element of surprise to all your guests? Welcome them with colorful, handmade fans and we are confident of smile emerging from their lips. And if possible, inscribe a personal message in the handle of fan and create warmth of your hospitality!

Well, it is not without reasons, we have been regarded as one of the resourceful and reliable wedding planners in Pune – we have umpteen solutions up our sleeves to make your summer wedding a great gala event and make your guests feel the comfy of hospitality. Contact us to know how we can create magic for your summer wedding.

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