Latest food trends in Indian weddings

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Latest food trends in Indian weddings

There simply can’t be second thoughts on the fact that décor and food are always looked upon by the guests to provide feast to eyes and taste buds. Indian weddings are undergoing massive changes and so are the food trends. Yes! Gone are the days of regular menu list and people have started experimenting with uniquely prepared food that sizzles with aroma and flavors. Being recognized as one of the trend setting wedding planners in Pune, we would like to draw your attention towards interesting menu that not only breaks the monotonous arrangements, but also makes it adorable to health conscious people too!

Minimal but filling:

Nobody likes to let their guests leave the venue with unfilled stomach. At the same time, the present day generation likes to avoid the greasy dishes stuffed with mounds of calories. So, what is the way out? Go for healthy and trendy options that not only stimulate the taste buds, but also keep your calorie intake in check. Yes, we are talking about taco chaat, nachos and many more.

Feast the eyes with plating:

To stimulate both eyes and taste buds at the word go, believe us, the best option would be to make elegant plating. Even with a simple platter of food, it is absolutely possible to attract the eyeballs of guests, provided the plating is beyond imagination. Right from golcuppas to sevpuris to fruit salads, you can play with shapes, colors, flavors, aromas to trigger your guests’ interests.

Focused meal:

The recent trend in food services emphasizes the need to concentrate on particular cuisine, rather than diversified option. For instance, if you would like to adopt international, don’t strain yourself to setup a chaas or chaat counter. Instead, introduce new dishes of western or eastern world. It is worthwhile to remember that international food has more to offer other than pizzas and burgers!

Go interactive::

One of the easy ways to keep your guests busy is to allow them to make their own food. Ofcourse, our intention is not to make your guests uncomfortable, but to enjoy the process of simple food making. Be it for a ‘Build a Taco or mushroom bar’ or ‘brew your coffee’ or ‘make your own liquid nitrogen ice-cream’, the enjoyment of being together with food is perhaps the best experience one can get.

Go for unconventional desserts:

How about chocolate coated donuts or customized cookies or pastries for dinner, instead of the good old ice-creams and jelabis? Changes in trends once in a while are also appreciated by guests. So why not go for it?

Unique arrangement:

Ever had the dining experience of eating food right out of trucks or wooden carts. Based on the theme of the marriage, we would gladly pick the right arrangement for your wedding feast.

Molecular gastronomy:

Interested to incorporate all the laws of science to produce delicious food? Start customizing the food on macro level through mindboggling ideas – It should be borne in the mind that fusion food is not cup of tea for anyone and this is where the expertise of wedding planner in Pune comes to forefront.

As sufficient level of experimentation has been successfully completed, the Indian food industry has matured a lot and creates a WOW among all guests. If you would like to know more on how to bring latest techniques to plates, you can always contact us to create the best meal plan you had ever thought of!

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