6 Fresh and Latest Trends for Indian Wedding Planning in 2017

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6 Fresh and Latest Trends for Indian Wedding Planning in 2017

Over the years, wedding planning trends have been in sync with the latest fashion trends. However, in the current landscape, social media has urged wedding planners to focus on innovative and out of the box wedding ideas. The year 2017, is almost over. However, the wedding season is in full swing and we are witnessing a ton of trending and fresh ideas.

Right from the venue, the food, the wedding dress, and several other aspects of the wedding, wedding planning in 2017 has witnessed a mixture of conventional planning methods and fresh planning trends. Events Jack and Ratna are one of the leading wedding planners in Pune. The wedding event company in Pune is well-established in the industry and has organized and planned multiple weddings. We aim to offer our clients the best wedding experience with our expertise in wedding planning. Moreover, we do our best to incorporate the latest trends in our wedding planning process to elevate the overall wedding experience.

As mentioned earlier, 2017 has witnessed a bagful of trendy wedding planning ideas that were incorporated by wedding planners. Let’s take a look at the various wedding planning trends of 2017.

1. Venue (location and look)

The current trends in weddings indicate that guests are often left awestruck when a wedding is organized in a unique location with decoration that is not extremely loud and tacky. It is essential to offer a classy look to the venue and syncing it with the aesthetics of the location as well.

The blush rose theme has remained a classic and a go-to theme for wedding planners for several years. To change things up a bit, you can make minute additions such as metallic rose gold. Moreover, copper and pewter work wonderfully well for color themes that revolve around colors including, brown, charcoal, and blue-grey.

2. The floral decoration

The conventional trends of soft petal flowers have always been an ideal choice for wedding planners. However, as times change, centerpieces have gradually gained a lot of popularity. Centerpieces including, tall trumpet vases and hanging floral arrangements are trending and offer a classy touch.

3. Wedding invitations

As discussed earlier, fashion trends play a vital role in wedding planning. Trends revolving around invitations is no different. The combination of plain and prints works perfectly for wedding invitations. Moreover, calligraphy has started to trend again making it one of the trending ideas for invitations. E-invitations have also witnessed a significant amount of growth in recent years.

4. Food

Food is arguably one of the most important aspects of a wedding. The most recent trends suggest that customized food menus have gained immense popularity. Moreover, fusion food is the next big thing that has hit Indian weddings in recent months. Combining local specialties and adding a twist to it builds up curiosity and ensures your guests keep coming back for more.

5. Wedding cake

Apart from the food, the wedding cake is something everyone wants to relish and get a piece of. Tall cakes with multiple tiers are trending. Moreover, taller cakes offer more room and freedom for decoration. Multi-tiered cakes with different flavors for each tier is one of most trending wedding cakes.

6. Photos

The traditional way of capturing the magical moments of your wedding work brilliantly for the majority of the weddings. However, with the advent of social media, photography trends have started to change. Photobooths are making the rounds in several weddings with different animated GIFs and flipbook effects.

Event’s Jack and Ratna, a leading wedding event company in Pune specializes in wedding planning and event management. We have hosted and organized events on a grand scale for multiple clients and ensure no stone is unturned to make the event a grand success. We strive hard to include the current trends in the industry and offer the best experience.

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