Let’s Face It – Not Everything Can Be Done Online!

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Let’s Face It – Not Everything Can Be Done Online!

We understand the gravity of this COVID-19 pandemic and how vital this lockdown step is to control the virus contagion. However, what we must also realize is that it is only an early precaution and not the final solution. As the virus contagion is yet to show any signs of slowing down, we believe it is time that we come up with strategies that can help us live with it, instead of locking ourselves indefinitely.

Amidst this lockdown, we frequently find people saying things such as, “Maybe we can WFH forever” or “Everything is done online these days”, but in practicality, how viable do you believe these ideas are? Do you really think we can do all our work from our couch for the rest of the year (if not our entire lives)?

Your quarterly business meetings and conferences, where hours of presentations and debates are crucial for producing suitable decisions regarding your functionalities, budgets, and plans; would you be able to achieve the best with everyone scattered in different parts of the world?

Or your wedding/social events which you’ve been planning for the past year; god forbid if the pandemic doesn’t slow down throughout this year, are you willing to wait for several more months for your big day when, with smart and precautious planning, you can still have right now?

We, at J & R Events, have taken our time to develop such highly specific and efficient strategies which we’re sure can help you have your meetings, conferences, weddings, and any other events during the lockdown with complete safety and security for everyone’s health. If you wish to learn more about our planning strategies, reach out to us personally and we’ll be ever-ready to help you out!

Stay Safe. Stay Rational.

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