Make a Great first impression with these event entrance ideas.

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Make a Great first impression with these event entrance ideas.

Event entrance idea

Many people prioritize the content of an event over the decoration and presentation. This is where their chances of ending up their event into a disaster increase. “The first impression is the best impression”, is not a myth. Today, in this fast-paced world, your first impression is established even before you meet the person face-to-face. All thanks to our digital world. So, how are you going to make up to the mark impression to your clients and turn them into your loyal customers? Throwing a lavish party/event would be your first step, but creating a good impression is a challenging task.

J & R Events – The Best event Management Company in Pune has brought you some smart tips on making a great first impression with event entrance ideas because the entrance of your venue creates a powerful impact over the audience mind and the rest of your event plans could slickly fall on to its right place.

1) Be Mysterious

Elongated Entrance

A person gets attracted to things out of curiosity. Choose an old venue with the elongated entrance. Long and dark corridors are the advantage to it. Illuminate the dark places with the help of long lights to make an out of this world mysterious entrance.

2) The Hollywood Theme
Hollywood Theme Entrance

The first thing that pops up in our mind with Hollywood party events is the red carpet, chandeliers, and the LED- tube lighting arrangements. Give your guests a royal entrance feel with a classy entrance design.

3) Modern and Elegant

If your event starts by evening when the sky is still brightly colored, artificial lighting and shimmers get off the table. Here you need to make your event entrance a welcoming and professional one. Install a corporate registration desk over the entrance to make it simple, up-to-the-minute, and sleek.

4) The Bollywood Style
Colorful entrance

Well, our Bollywood event decoration ideas are no less than the Hollywood of course. Veil the event entrance corridors with colorful drapes and let the lights emit out of it. An off-white or blue drape would perfectly reflect and set the right atmosphere and ambiance.

5) The Elements

Geometric elements have never failed to create an ever-lasting impression. But, one must seek knowledge to do right by it. Our Event managers for wedding in Pune are very precise over choosing the right elements and materials for the event decoration. An Arabian Nights effect with geometric lighting arrangements could perfectly become the “wow” factor of your event.

Our Wedding planners in Pune believe in flexibility while offering the quality services. We make sure your imagination is put through rightly and sends the right message to your guests and audience. We also perform corporate event planning, parties, and special event arrangements. Our creative and modest team would make the challenging event arrangements a cakewalk for you and a memorable one for your audience.

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