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Making your big day special: Your wedding

Wedding is one of the best events in your life and it definitely deserves a special treatment, ofcourse with meticulous planning and additional efforts. While these extra efforts not only pave way for reminiscence to cherish, it also creates a joyful experience for your guests. As a reputed wedding planner in Pune, we always deploy several tricks and techniques to make the whole process smoother, so that you enjoy the bump-free journey of the whole event.

•Chart the time line: It is all about planning and what can be a better way to begin other than preparing a time line. Right from preparing invites to checking hotel reservation for your honeymoon, mark everything with tentative dates, and set remainders.

• Choose your guests: Nobody likes to see their guests standing in the wedding event or finding half of the seats unoccupied. Prepare your guest list and arrive at a ballpark figure, so that all arrangements such as venue selection, quantum of meals and logistic arrangements can be worked out.

•Venue: Remember, it is your wedding and hence the wedding venue selection should be suitable for your theme, aspiration, and budget. That being said, it should also be convenient for your guests to commute from their hotels or residences and also have necessary infrastructure such as parking, security arrangements and most importantly feasibility for caterers.

•Lodging and logistics: While you are having a great moment during your special day, it is indeed important to make comfortable arrangements for your guests. Based on the RSVP received from the invited near and dear ones, choose the most appropriate lodging arrangements. And never and ever forget about the transportation arrangement for them, especially for those who have come long way to see you holding your hands of your chosen life partner.

•Catering: Nothing makes your guests happy better than good quality sumptuous food. Be it for healthy diet menu for senior citizens or the attractive portions for kids, everything needs to be planned in advance to satiate the taste buds of your guests. Again it would not be a bad idea to infuse few novel and interactive ideas while feasting– Do it yourself dessert preparation or salads are sure to engage your guests.

•Entertainment: Many times, guests at your wedding ceremony start feeling bored after exchanging smiles among their acquaintances. Akin to interactive feast experience, many more arrangements can be easily made to engage your guests.

 Magic show for kids
 Tattoo or Mehendi parlor for young adults
 Selfie booth to create instant photo album of event
 Fun zones

•Décor: Is it possible to provide a feast to your good wishers’ eyes? Ofcourse, with elaborate and scintillating stage and venue décor you can always grab the attention of your guests and create the wow factor.

Well, sky is the only limit for your creativity! Having been recognized as one of the successful wedding planners in Pune, we would like to emphasize an important aspect – while all the above mentioned efforts are sure to bring excellent results, they are bound to stretch your limits of stress management. Marriage is a blissful event and it is time to enjoy it with heartfelt smile but not with tensed frown lines. Go for a reputed wedding planner and stop juggling with all preparations and enjoy your special day. Happy wedding!

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