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Marathi Weddings – Rituals that make it all happen

Although most of the marriage customs cutting across various sects and beliefs in India are infused with richness and grandeurs, Marathi weddings are uniquely recognized for their simple but elegant nature. Right from engagement ceremony to the actual wedding ceremony, every aspect of a Marathi wedding remains a simpler but a traditionally valuable affair. So what are those rituals that are performed during this wonderful wedding ceremony? Having been engaged on numerous occasions as wedding planner in Pune and adjoining areas, we are glad to share both the traditional and fun elements embedded in them.

  • Sakhar Puda:

    Literally translated as Sugar Puja, it is infact the engagement function during which both the families exchange delicacies made out of sugar. Also this function presents an excellent opportunity for both the families to exchange gifts such as clothes and jewelries.


  • Kelvan:

    Once both the families formally agree for the marriage, they gather to perform a ritual puja under the guidance of pundit to seek the blessings of kuldevta or family deity. Infact, Kelvan signals the beginning of sweet journey of a Marathi wedding!


  • Halad Chadavane:

    Akin to many other Hindu marriages, this is one of the fun filled elements of Marathi wedding in which turmeric paste along with mango leaves is smeared by women family members on bride and groom. Remember, although this ritual seems to be on lighter side, it is actually an auspicious one. And hence it is no wonder, halad chadavane assumes significance in a Marathi wedding.


  • Seemant Puja:

    This puja can very well be described as a social function welcoming the bridegroom party for the ceremony. Yes, it is during this ritual that feet of groom and his parents are washed and offered tilak on the forehead and subsequently presented with gifts and guided towards the wedding venue.


Marriage day rituals:

In Marathi weddings, most of the ceremonies are performed only on marriage day and hence they are initiated early in the day. As Marathi weddings have rich traditional aspects, it is not surprising to begin with Ganpati Puja and  invoke benedictions of the most beloved god. Following this, several pujas and rituals are conducted in series which finally lead to kanyadhan.

  • Vraprasthana:

    After being greeted by married women, the groom is guided towards the marriage hall and made to sit on decorated low stool

  • Gowrihar Puja:

    While groom is performing Vraprasthana, the bride performs gowrihar puja and is escorted to the wedding mandap by maternal uncle.

  • Mangalashtakas:

    As soon as Antarpat, the piece of silk held between the bride and groom is uplifted, mangalashtakas are chanted and subsequently both would be partners exchange garlands and receive blessings from elders.

  • Kanyadhan:

    Being one of the important rituals in this marriage ceremony, the parents of bride handover their daughter to the groom and facilitate the tying of mangalsutra.

  • Saptapadi:

    The newlywed couple now takes solemn oaths by coming around the sacred fire and subsequently invokes the blessings of gods through karmasamapti, the final ritual of the ceremony.


What is perhaps more Interesting in the whole set of rituals is to perform meticulous wedding planning so as to bring out the best values of its ethnicity and flavor associated with it. Being one of the most sought after wedding planners in Pune, we can plan and execute the most elegant Marathi wedding you have ever witnessed. Speak to us to know how we can translate your wedding aspirations without compromising the values and simplicity associated with the ceremony.

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