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How to plan a birthday event?

A birthday is a day which not only kids but we as an adult also wait for. This is a day when we feel very special and want to get pampered all day. A kid’s birthday celebration boosts their confidence. Try to make their birthday a special day where they can feel like a prince or princess. They wait for this day because they know they will get the gifts in addition to blessing.

Whether you are planning an in-house or outdoor party, you need to ensure everything should be intact and on time, this makes the birthday party more enjoyable and memorable. Here are some tips to plan an awesome and fantastic party:

1. Decide the Budget – A nice party doesn’t require the high budget, you can plan a successful and interesting party on a limited budget as well. The children only need exciting activities for which you don’t require expensive things. Certain things can be managed at home without many efforts. Control your budget on unnecessary expenses.

2. Choose Interesting Menu – A birthday is incomplete without a cake but other items should be selected as per the kids’ choice not as an adult what you want. The menu should be simple yet interesting. Some examples can be having cartoon character cookies, pizza in different shapes with extra cheese and vegetable toppings, popsicles, kulfi, ice-creams and juices of different flavors’ etc. Try to avoid spicy and acidic food items, which are not suitable for kids.

3. Get the Secondary help arranged – It is just a birthday, so don’t think you can manage it all alone. You should arrange secondary help to have everything organized properly. Ultimately, don’t forget you have to manage the kids, which is not a simple task.

4. Plan some Entertaining activities – Plan an entertaining and interesting birthday party, not just a birthday party. Get some event organizer, if possible, for music, dance, games, and activities. Or else you can search ideas online for games and activities; these will make kids engaged in something. The kids always love the entertainment and get thrilled when involved in it.

5. Decide on Theme and Decorations – Before planning a birthday party, get your child into the discussion. This will help you to know their interests and planning can be done around that. Get the theme and decorations which reflect kid’s interests. Get ideas by birthday decoration in Pune. It can be based on some cartoon character such as Chota bheem, Doraemon, Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, Mermaids, and Barbie etc.

6. Prepare Invitations and Guest list – If your child is below three then you can decide the guest list yourself but if he is above three then ask him about his/her friends. Invitations can be designed at home or nowadays they are even readily available in market at very low prices. Keep in mind invitations should be selected as per the selected theme. If you are planning some specific activities, do mention in the invitation.

7. Decide on Venue – A very important thing which should be decided with due care is whether you want to do it at home or at some off-site locations by event decorators in Pune. Before deciding, check your guest list, whether the selected place will be able to accommodate and handle the guests. Please note it should be comfortable, clean, friendly and easy to reach.

Planning a birthday party itself is getting into the fun. No matter how big or small the party is but kids will be happy as they feel pampered and special.

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