How to plan a gorgeous Indian summer wedding?

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How to plan a gorgeous Indian summer wedding?

Most of the people feared or are not interested in planning a wedding in the summer due to the weather condition. But trust me, summer is the best suitable time to have a wedding. Summer is the time when not only kids have enough time due to summer holidays but adults are also into the mood of vacations. Planning a gorgeous and wonderful summer wedding is not a difficult and enormous task; it is easy contrary to the popular belief.

Summer is the time of bursting colors. Having the weather condition on your side, this season is the best with different and colorful outdoor decorations and celebrations. A wedding planner in Pune has many customized plans which not only suits your budget but also comes out to be a pleasant and picture-perfect wedding.

There are various ways to make a wedding day to be most memorable. Certain things can be kept in mind while planning a summer wedding so that it remains an unforgettable event or celebration. Here are some tips which can be followed while planning a summer wedding:

1. Follow the weather, have a floral theme: Plan a wedding theme, which is filled with bright colors. Play with different and varieties floral blooms. Some can be orchids, marigold, lilies, and sunflowers etc. Try to keep the décor to be stylish and elegant yet simple.

2. Make indoors to be cool and outdoors to be shady: A wedding is not limited to indoor or outdoor. There are various ceremonies to be held in wedding, hence proper arrangements need to be done not only indoor but at outdoor as well. Have a properly covered arrangement for outdoor with fans and coolers and adequate setup with AC in indoors. Have cold water bottles and cool towels to provide guests a better feel. It will not only give a relief to your guest but also let them enjoy every moment of the wedding. The wedding planners in Pune have some very interesting ideas for making the wedding a memorable moment.

3. Keep summer-friendly food items and drinks: An Indian wedding is usually said to be wonderful not only because of the colorful functions and ceremonies but one of the major factors in which everybody is interested is the “Food”. The menu of an Indian wedding is a long list of interesting items. A summer wedding needs an extra care due to heat. Drinks can include lemonades, aam panaa, chass, cold drinks, and coconut water including some great refreshing desserts like flavored dahi, ice gola, popsicles, and kulfi, which makes the guests fresh and cool.

4. Wedding attire should be summer friendly: It is good to have stylish attire but it should be comfortable as well. You don’t want to get down with the feeling of heat. It is an important day and everybody wants to enjoy, so fabrics selection need to be free-flowing and light. Breathable and light-hued attire allows you to be under proper control so that you don’t sweat or smudge much in the heat.

The humidity and heat of summer in India is very difficult to manage. And planning a wedding in the summer requires a lot of due care not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests who will attend the marriage. But if managed proper, it turns out to be a wonderful experience for all.

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