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Successful Corporate Event Management Tips

When you enquire an entrepreneur about the reasons behind the successful business venture, you are most likely to hear words that are synonymous to innovative strategies and leadership qualities. They are very much right, but they all miss one particular aspect – ‘targeted and strategic corporate events’, which infuse fresh energy into the complete team. Whatever may the event be, tradeshow, product launch, conference or any other team building event, ultimately it ends with improvement in productivity. If such is the potential for corporate events, is it not a good idea to conduct it perfectly?

For a small corporate event, your PR would be able to manage the show in all respects. But for a larger show, it needs the guidance or services of a professional event management company. Nevertheless, as a practice of imparting knowledge to our patrons, we are glad to offer few important tips for the successful conductance of your corporate event, says J&R events, a renowned firm for Corporate Event Planning in Pune.

Freeze the date

It may just look like a trivial tip – but it requires very serious thinking, depending upon the type of event.

  • Sales event – With sales professionals feverishly working during the last week of the month, an event around the same time will not be received well by your sales force.
  • Product launch – Make sure it happens just a fortnight before a major festival. Remember, most of the purchases are made out during the festive season and you can’t afford to be wrong.
  • Family meet – It is always better to avoid the period when most of the children of your colleagues are busy with academic tests and examinations.


One of the mistakes that is usually committed while conducting an event is that a theme is decided after fixing the venue. Actually it should be other way round. Because, it is the theme that decides the décor, entertainment and ofcourse the menu.


No second thoughts, outdoor space is always preferred. Infact, it can be a well maintained garden of a farmhouse or even a roof terrace of a building at the middle of city. The other essential parameters that needs your attention are

  • Parking space
  • Capacity of venue
  • Logistic issues
  • Outdoor dining or catering options.
  • Any restrictions on your decided theme, decorations or live music

As corporate events are not conducted frequently, it is utmost important to choose the right venue without much of compromise. Read out post about choosing an event venue for coroporate events.

Craft the Ambience

Having finalized the venue and them, it should not be a problem to form the idea for creating the best ambience for your event. Some of the important aspects that needs to be properly addressed are

  • Décor
  • Lighting
  • Entertainment
  • Music

The only care that needs to be taken is to make sure that they all sync in perfect harmony with the selected theme. A mismatch in any of the aspect would be a good recipe for catastrophe.


All day work makes everybody tired. Cultural events and entertainment programs for guest are of paramount importance to rejuvenate them. Ofcourse, the type of entertainment should be in strict conformity with the purpose of the corporate event. It would also be fun to encourage your guests to wear costumes as per the theme. Live band, magic show, cultural dance programs or a standup comedy are some of the popular ideas that can make the evening more charming.


Although we listed it last, it is one of prime requirements that need your attention right from the day you fixed the program. Local cuisine and beverages are definitely a safe idea, but make it a point to load the tables with lots of desserts, especially for a corporate family event. Needless to say, delicious nibbles as starters during the cultural events are big thumbs up.

If you can meticulously follow these six critical points, the success of your corporate event is assured. Ofcourse, you can always contact J& R Events, a fabulous corporate events company, Pune to have a stress free and blissful corporate event evening.

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