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10 Things To Be Consider While Choosing Event Venue

Event management as exciting as it sounds requires individuals to be flexible, work for extended hours, and can be a tedious task. There are several large to minute details an event planner has to consider while managing an event. One of the most important points an event management company or the event planner has to consider is the location of the event.

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Here is a list of things one should consider while choosing a venue for an event.

1. Location

Although you might have already given it a thought, the location of your event is one key parameter you just cannot ignore. Depending on the scale of the event, it is important to scout for locations that are the most suitable for your event.

For a local event, you should choose a location that is not too far for your guests and event attendees. Hence, opting for a location that is close to the homes and offices of your guests should be your ideal choice. This will ensure that your guests do not have to drive too far to attend the event.

If you are hosting an event for guests that will be coming from other cities, a location close to the airport, train station, and bus stand should be considered keeping in mind the transportation of your guests. Also, area’s close to the airport usually has several hotels where your guests can be easily accommodated.

2. Parking

You need to know if there is ample parking at the venue you have chosen to ensure there is no commotion and the guests can come and go without any issues. If a valet parking service is available it could be an added bonus. However, if the venue does not provide valet parking service, you could arrange for the same.

3. Professional and knowledgeable staff

The working staff at your event can either make your event highly successful or leave negative lasting impressions. A staff of highly professional and dedicated individuals can take the load of your shoulders provided they understand what they are doing. You could ask around for references from people who have hosted an event and seek recommendations before choosing the people you are going to work with for the event.

4. Number of guests, size of the event

A rough idea of how many guests you are expecting for an event will help you decide what venue would be a perfect fit. It is important to choose a venue that can easily accommodate the projected number of guests. You do not want to make your guests feel cramped up and hence choosing a venue that can fit in the expected number of guests easily is a must.

5. Food at the venue

Food, without doubt, is an important factor that needs special care and attention. Moreover, food has a long-lasting impression on your guests. You should make sure you check the quality, hygiene, and most importantly the taste of the food at the venue. If you feel that it is not up to the mark, you may need to hire a caterer to solve that problem.

6. Amenities and activities at the venue

The amenities available at the venue could add an extra dimension to your event. Corporate event management companies such as J&R Event’s are aware that in most cases, corporate events often include team building exercises and games. Hence, choosing a venue where you can conduct fun activities would be an ideal scenario.

Fun activities, games, and other forms of activities may not necessarily be restricted to corporate events only. Depending on the type of event, you can easily assess the amenities on offer at the venue and plan out your activities.

7. Internet connectivity or Wi-Fi

If you are hosting an event where families and most of your guests are taking time out of their busy schedule to relax and have a good time, in such a scenario, there is no need to arrange for an internet connection or Wi-Fi. However, if you are hosting a corporate event, it would be ideal to arrange for an internet or a Wi-Fi connection for your guests.

8. Lighting at the venue

It is important to have an understanding of the lighting at the venue where you are hosting an event. If the venue is prone to load shedding and frequent power cuts, arranging a power backup is important. Further, if there are any adjustments to be made as far as lighting is concerned, you can do the needful after inspecting the lighting conditions at the venue.

9. Fire exit and evacuation plan

Every location or a venue for events has a fire exit and a fire evacuation plan chalked out. You should have a fair understanding of the fire exits and the evacuation plan. Conducting a fire drill prior to the event would be ideal to ensure that all the safety measures are in place.

10. Ambiance of the venue

Before choosing a venue, go through the photos and the reviews on the internet. Inspect the space personally if needed to have a fair idea about the ambiance of the venue and analyzing if it is ideal for your event.

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