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Tips For Outdoor Wedding

Getting married on a beach with the sunset in the backdrop, or saying ‘I Do’ in a cozy setting of a lush green farmhouse, sounds dreamy, right? While you have made up your mind to have an outdoor wedding you haven’t decided which environ will be the best choice for your special day. But before you hunt for the perfect haven for your wedding, there are a few dos and dont’s you need to keep in mind. Events Jack Ratna, the best wedding Planners in Pune brings to you some essential tips to follow in order to make your D-Day memorable and hassle-free.

 Get Permits

Whether it is a public property or a private venue, getting a permit is important when you are booking the site. From liquor to noise regulations to the timings, you need to sort all of them, way before the wedding day to have a smooth ceremony.

Keep your guests comfortable  

Having an outdoor wedding can be tricky as every weather has its own pros and cons. Make sure your guests do not fall prey to the extreme weather conditions like summer heat or dripping temperatures and arrange for proper arrangements like heating/cooling systems, refreshments, power backup, parking etc.

 Be wary of additional costs

Having an outdoor wedding can bring with them its own extra costs like a tent, toilet rentals, lighting arrangements, etc. Also keep in consideration any last minute expenses like extra logistics, shortage of basic amenities, or any emergency situations like a change in weather conditions.

 Have a Backup Plan

Just to be on the safer side, you need to have a backup plan for your venue. Be it the uncertain weather or a logistics glitch, you wouldn’t want to fret the very last moment for a second option. Choose a familiar venue that is easily accessible to all your guests and ensures you have all the arrangements done prior to the big day.

 Keep the bugs away

Being an open space, there are always chances of bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects harboring the venue. Make sure you call for a professional to get the place sprayed a few days before the wedding date. In addition to this, provide bug sprays to your guests and burn mosquito coils or arrange for an outdoor mosquito repellent machine during the ceremony to keep the venue free from bugs/mosquitoes.

Events Jack Ratna, a renowned Best wedding event company in Pune, is committed to making your special day a hassle-free affair. From venue selection to decoration, catering to logistics, our range of services cover everything you look for in a wedding planner. Our passion coupled with professionalism is what makes us the best choice amongst the others. Leaving no stone unturned, we work on every small detail to make sure the event is exactly how you had dreamed of!

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