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Tips To Plan A Budget Wedding In India

We at J&R events, a wedding events company in Pune, know how important weddings are and how it helps in joining two families together. We believe in providing the picture perfect wedding to our clients, thus making us one of the leading wedding planners in Pune. We take the responsibility of making your dream of having a picture perfect wedding into a reality. Our services are wide ranging and include tasks such as wedding reception event management, finalizing venues, offering good catering service and food and so on.

Here are the most popular ways that you could use to tame the wedding expenses within your set limit. You might even save a large amount of money at the end, after following these tricks.

  1. Set a good budget:

    it takes careful thought and processing while setting up an ideal wedding budget. Ensure to have a talk between both the families about the budget and formulate a list which contains various services and its maximum and minimum price range. During the wedding preparation you can look up in this list and decide which areas to include and omit.

  1. Prioritize events:

    prioritizing events are an important factor for any successful wedding. Prioritizing on the right events also makes you to shift your focus on the most important aspects of the wedding event. Try to reduce costs in such a way that the guests won’t notice it. A wedding planner can help you with all these aspects since they have more experience in these matters.

  1. Plan early:

    try to plan early as much as you can. Not only can you cut a considerate amount of cost, but also helps to prevent any last minute emergencies. Also try to ensure that you do the necessary bookings in advance so that you can get your choice of venue for the wedding reception. Booking wedding reception venues, flight tickets, transportation and train tickets in advance is a good step since it can save a lot of money and prevent any last-minute rise in the costs.

  1. Try to ask a lower price:

    as a wedding planner, when you are trying to make a deal with various vendors, photographers , caterers and so on, try to ask a reasonable price and try to compromise with them in providing goods and services at a lower price than the market price.

  1. Spend carefully on jewelry:

    wedding jewelry is an important part of any Indian wedding. So it is necessary that the wedding budget should be spent carefully on it. Instead of going to jewelry showrooms, try to purchase wedding jewelry from local goldsmiths so as to reduce the price.

  1. Try to cut down the number of events:

    to ensure that you have a prosperous and a budget friendly wedding, make sure that you cut down unnecessary events during the wedding process. Instead of having an event at different dates, try to club two functions together and ensure that the wedding events are done within a minimum amount of time.

  1. Minimize the guest list:

    Try to minimize the number of guests and hence cut down the expenses on food and reception costs. Try to follow this method, if your guest list is not one of your wedding priorities.

Our team of experienced and professional event planners is determined to provide you with a perfect wedding that is not only memorable but will also make you cherish  and treasure your wedding function for the rest of your life.

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