Top 10 Wedding Accessories for an Indian Bride

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Top 10 Wedding Accessories for an Indian Bride

There is no doubt, that for a bride wedding is one of the most days in her life, but unfortunately, it can also turn out as the most stressful day. Indian weddings with its grandeur and opulence can sometimes turn out too tiring for a bride and she truly deserves a compliment for bearing the entire thing without a grudge.

Every bride would wish to look her best on the day of her wedding. Without proper Indian wedding accessories to match the wedding outfit, it is almost next to impossible to get the best look for a bride. There are many wedding event company in Pune offering good services. By outsourcing to them, one can avoid last-minute rushes and enjoy the wedding in a peaceful and relaxed way.

Listed below are the top 10 wedding accessories that an Indian Bride cannot afford to overlook to get the best look on her wedding day:


Considered as a mark of married status, Bindi, the red dot is one of the many accessories worn by Indian women on the day of her marriage. It is a symbol signifying the longevity and well-being of the husband. Urban women especially those working prefer Bindi (stickers) to Sindoor (Vermilion). Bindis are available in different shapes, sizes and colors to go with the costume of the Indian bride.


Mehendi on the hands and legs of the bride is a must in all Indian Weddings. There is a common belief that deeper the color of the mehendi, stronger would be the love of the husband for the bride. Mehendi helps to cool the body and aids in preventing the nerves from becoming tense, thus on a wedding day, it helps in alleviating stress.


It is difficult to imagine an Indian bride without jewelry. Right from the toe rings to finger rings,maang tikka ( Jewellery is worn on forehead), bangles, heavy necklaces, nose ring and bracelets are worn on the feet, the list is endless. From head to toe, all the jewelry worn by the bride adds to her beauty.

Head/ Hair Accessories:

Brides all over India decorate their hair using flowers and other accessories on their wedding day. In certain parts of India, the hair and the face of the bride are sometimes covered using a veil through the ceremony. Whatever is the custom, wearing head accessories is a must.


Wearing shoes complimenting the wedding trousseau is a must in an Indian wedding for both the bride and the groom. The choice generally is for ethnic footwear.


A purse to carry all personal accessories such as phone, kerchief, tissues, lipstick and emergency money is a must for a bride. It is available in varied shapes such as Potlis or clutches and of different material such as velvet, satin, leather etc to match with the bridal trousseau.


The trend of wearing a watch on the wedding is fast catching up though it was not in prevalence before. Wrist watches to suit the bridal attire or outfit is high in vogue in recent times. They complete the look for both the bride and the bridegroom and are thus a timeless accessory.

Makeup and Nail Polish

Applying makeup and nail polish applies to brides all over the world and not only to the Indian Bride. Applying makeup on the wedding day not only makes them look good but also feel confident. On the wedding day, applying makeup is not a luxury but a necessity for most brides.


Another important wedding accessory fast catching up is the wedding bouquet. Though this practice was not in vogue a few years back, this trend is fast catching, especially in reception parties.

Bright Smile:

Last but certainly not the least, the biggest accessory for any bride is the bright smile on her face which she needs to carry all the time. Also, it is totally free of cost. It not only brightens up her look but also fills the entire venue gets energized and sparkles making the guests feel at home. The bridegroom without any doubt would get attracted to the electrifying smile.

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