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Ultimate Wedding Reception Checklist

Invitations, catering, wedding halls, decorations, wedding dresses… planning an Indian wedding reception inevitably causes a lot of panic and ruckus in the house. And if you are newly wedded, it becomes extremely painstaking for a couple to manage their entire reception party as they use up a huge chunk of savings for the wedding. 

So, here are a few step-by-step tips and tricks which can help you rearrange your thoughts and plan the best Wedding Reception Party you can afford to plan;

Plan A Budget, Stick to it

  • Create a physical, graphical budget plan and allocate your budget for every task according to its importance in terms of percentage. For example, 20% for the party hall, 40% for food & catering, and so on.
  • Do not over-spend on any task as this will later affect your overall budget.

Maintain A Journal with Records

  • Maintain a daily journal and make it a point to write down the tasks you did and the amount you spent on every single day.
  • You can create a checklist to divide the workload throughout the day.
  • Keep paper trails such as bills and email printouts, which can help cross-verify the amounts later.

Research the Date and Time

  • Go through the calendar and check if the date clashes with any other event such as a festival or someone else’s wedding.
  • Look for the nearest public holiday if possible, or simply choose a weekend.

Create a Makeshift Management Team

  • We all have people in our family and friends who have useful contacts or are skilled at managing tasks. 
  • Now is the time to ask them for their help and create a makeshift management team with whom you can share your budget plan and assign individual tasks. 

Never Overbook a Hall

  • In India, sometimes, people who show up at the wedding usually don’t tend to attend the reception too, except for the closest family and friends. 
  • So, think wisely before inviting people and also try and estimate the turn up based on how close is it to a certain number of guests. 

Never Stress About the Dress

  • Knowing that you can find suitable dresses in a wide price range in the market, focus a bit more on the price and look for a dress which would look good on you.
  • Also, call up your cousins and friends who you know have a good eye for shopping.

Go for a Different Cuisine

  • Try and search for unique foods from multiple cuisines which people wouldn’t usually know of. 
  • It doesn’t have to be a meal; in fact, a combo of various cuisines would be mouth-watering for the guests.

Games & Activities

  • It isn’t mandatory and also less common in India, but it would definitely brighten the mood at the reception. 
  • You can either hire or rent different indoor games which take minimal space for your guests and their kids such as Piñata, High striker, board games, and much more. 

When all is said and done, it does involve a lot of research, work and human resources to complete all these tasks efficiently. Hence, a more reliable way of planning your reception is to hire a professional Event Planning team. 

And when you start your research for hiring the Best Wedding Management Company in Pune, always look for planners who can abide by your budget and provide the best quality of services and products for your reception. 

The team of planners at J & R Events are well known to be one of the most efficient Wedding Planners in Pune. With their unique methodology of management, they have emerged over the years, to provide the best cost-effective services in and around Pune.

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