Unique Idea To Curb Food Wastage : Taking From The Wedding and Giving To The Poor

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Unique Idea To Curb Food Wastage : Taking From The Wedding and Giving To The Poor

Food is the real delight in this world. Having achieved this much of socio-cultural evolution in our long journey on this planet, we humans now realize this fact; which is in striking distinction from the ‘need based’ orientation of food. From the perspective of millions around the world who are still trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger, the latter dimension of food is a more potent reality; because they struggle on a day to day basis to find food, not to talk of the good food!

So how problematic is yet another fact on food which says that tons of it are being wasted in the events and occasions of people called as ‘wealthy’? This fact is disturbing of course and not even a single mind would justify it on the basis of rationality. Still, most of us neglect this dimension and continue with our life and all its glare that peaks in our very special occasions like wedding. Fewer men have braced them to accept the challenge. It is strange to note that some wedding planners in Pune while offering specialty services to satisfy their clients also add up to manage the leftover food. They have linked it to the poor communities and the needy and vulnerable people who are still on the periphery of prosperous society. Such efforts of theirs have found recognition as a measure to curb the food wastage in the most humane manner.

A goodwill task

There are innumerable of such concerns and dimensions that haunt the social evolution; because despite so much of talk on prosperity and economic development, people are still locked in deep poverty. For such people, food is the demand and good tasty food a blur! With this example of a noted wedding planner in Pune, it appears that much of such inconsistencies could be addressed through simple interventions; only if we desire! There is no need for any high science and technology or no great infrastructure even. These wedding planners have got in touch with the local NGOs and have developed a viable chain network through which the extra food that is left over in the wedding functions is swiftly taken care of and served in the hands of poor people.

Cheers for the good work!

There is a need for the replication of such efforts, especially in countries like India where a sizeable part of the population still lurks in the dark and is devoid of the basic amenities. Governments are continuously failing to address their demands in a substantive manner and their cycle of poverty never breaks. Some may query as what important change would occur from the waste/surplus food redistribution initiative? Of course, there is no great change taking place but the fact that food has found the best place and is not being dumped in waste basket is in itself very important and satisfying to carry up with this task. Hence cheers for those NGOs and the wedding planners who have started this initiative! One spiritual complement is also assured and this relates to the blessings of the poor and vulnerable for all those who made this a reality. More wedding planners in Pune have established links with the NGOs that work in slums, orphanages, old age homes and such other places.

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