How to Choose a Venue for Corporate Events?

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How to Choose a Venue for Corporate Events?

Organizing an event can be an intimidating job without proper planning. Choosing the venue is one big task and can have a massive impact on how your event might turn out to be. Here are a few guidelines on what and what not to consider at corporate event management. Let us start with,

What to consider while choosing a venue?

You might already be having a venue in your mind but make sure the venue is well-equipped with the following facilities:

Exotic Location

A local event should always be nearby your attendee’s home or workplaces. In the case of an event outside town, make sure the venue in nearby hotels and airports to give easy access to your attendees travelling from other states/countries.

Valet Parking

Does your venue have the facility of parking or valet parking? If not, can you get access to nearby parking areas for your attendees? If not, you can provide a valet parking on your behalf and include the cost either in the event tickets or have your attendees pay while parking.

Capacity for Accommodation

An event that expects 500 attendees cannot fit into a venue with a capacity for 200 guests. Visit the venue before booking it. Check for the capacity, area, ambience, and whether it’s feasible or not. For an upscale event, the venue should abide by the fire and safety codes.

Complimentary Services

If you are spending more on a venue, food & beverages negotiate with your venue managers to provide complementary services. An upgraded Wi-Fi or A/V support or an impressive corporate discount can be a win-win situation for you and the event management company.


Pay close attention to the details of decorations, acoustic arrangements, and presentation. An arrangement made for an expo will differ from the arrangements done for a corporate event or fashion event. Attention to detail is crucial for your corporate event planning. Are you looking for the right venue for your corporate event? Visit J & R Events and our experts shall help you hit the right notes of your attendees/guests by sending the right message through an exotic event management planning.

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