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Wedding themes to look forward this year

He proposed, you said yes, the wedding date is set and now the planning for the biggest day of your life starts! There is no doubt you must have already envisioned your dream wedding with an extravagant setting and a marvelous celebration. But you might be confused what the theme of the wedding should be? Do you go for a more traditional theme or totally rock out an unconventional theme? Recognized as the Best wedding planners in Pune, at Events Jack Ratna we feel you and that is why we bring to you a glimpse into the hottest wedding themes of 2018.

Royal Rajasthani Saga

It is a once in a lifetime event, so why not go all out for your wedding. Be the royals of your celebration with a regal Rajasthani wedding theme. Being an extravagant and vibrant theme, you can include festive props, rangolis, a royal menu, various folk performances, and traditional palki/ghodi entrance of bride/groom to create the majestic Rajputana atmosphere. You can also incorporate royal art pieces and mannequins for decor to add an extra oomph to your wedding.

An Antique`a faire

You might be a millennial but if your heart still lives in the 1900s, then a vintage wedding theme is perfect for you. You can have a dreamy wedding with a pale color scheme with vintage decor pieces like antique mirror frames, pearl details, candles wrapped up in lace, teacups, rustic lanterns, including flowers such as hydrangeas and peonies to bring back the era of all beautiful and pretty things.

Glamorous Black, Gold & Ivory

If you want a setting that is not just elegant but also looks luxurious and sophisticated then a classic black, gold and ivory theme works the best. Combine the allure of black, the elegance of pearl, and the glory of gold to create a color palette suited for a rich soiree! Include ivory flowers like callia lilies, tulips, etc with pear chandeliers with gold confetti or sequins and black balloons to add the sparkle to your celebrations.

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Bohemian Vibes

Incorporate elements of nature with a certain romanticism by hosting a boho-chic wedding. Include details like Persian rugs, glass jars filled with flowers, fairy lights, dream catchers, succulents etc. To create a free-spirited environment. You can also add decor items like wrought iron lanterns, colorful tableware, macrame plant hangers to wow your guests.

Having a theme will not only make your wedding a fancy affair but also become a memorable event that will be etched in everyone’s minds. Recognized as the best wedding events company in Pune, we at Events Jack Ratna, work with you at every step of your wedding to create a monumental experience for you. Being Event Managers for weddings in Pune, our team is equipped to plan your wedding with attention to every little detail; while providing absolute privacy to you & your guests. Our teams of experienced planners have the knowledge, understanding, and know-how to guide you through myriad choices that need to be made, saving your time, as well as avoiding expensive mistakes and unnecessary stress.

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