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Which points are considered in Event Management

Noise control, sudden rains, lost child, insufficient dessert, power outage, crowd control, disposal of wastes… We are not talking about the various departments and statutory agencies. Indeed we are discussing about few probable eventualities that can happen during an event. Let us get it straight – management of an event can be effective only if it is well planned. It is only strong planning and nothing else that leads to smooth flow of an event. As planning is a continuous process, each and every subtle activities are considered important for an event management. J&R Events, one of the best Event Management Company in Pune, shares few important points that are absolutely essential to conduct an event successfully.

Objective of the event

What is the nature of the event? And why it is held? These are the two important questions for which answers have to be found out even before starting to plan for the event. Unless the objective and nature of the event is known, planning with regard to all other aspects such as date, venue, crowd, food and entertainment selection cannot be initiated.

Date, time and venue

Once the initial data is available, kick start the planning phase. Date, time and venue to conduct the event and decide the course of planning. Ideally, the planning should be started well before 4-5 months of the event. Care should be taken to ensure that the chosen date and time is suitable for the intended purpose. Again it is crucial to coordinate with the main participants like the chief guests, speaker, and other important people for their availability on the event date and time. Unless and otherwise specifically called for, it is recommended to avoid the event on public and religious festival holidays. Be it sports meet, product launch, conference, wedding, or birthday parties, venue selection depends on the nature of the event.

Team coordination

Event management is never a solo performance, but a completely coordinated team effort. Proper coordination among all team will pave way for smooth functioning of event. It is essential to formulate teams for all the aspects such as venue management, security arrangements, registration, marketing, logistics, catering, decoration, reception and even for waste disposal. In fact a separate team for entertainment would be very handy in turning an event to be interesting.


Full throat publicity of the event through all possible means; right from invitations through mail to social media platform should be attempted to reach far. Promoting the event with compelling theme, and attractive tag lines are definitely an added advantage.

Technical aspects

Technicalities and other issues pertaining to backup power, audio and video systems for public addressing, photography, emergency lights should be thoroughly checked and be readily available on the day of the event. This helps to avoid any technical hindrance during the event.

Rules and regulations

Do not forget to obtain the permission from the concerned authorities for conducting the event. An event should be conducted only after obtaining all the statutory clearances with respect to local police, corporation and fire service department. Obviously, you do not want your event stopped by legal authorities, right?

Other important factors such as contingency plans, crowd management, security arrangements, toilet facilities, parking facilities, risk assessments, fire precautions, and media presence. Even cancellation due to unprecedented circumstances, budget allocation, and insurance are to be immaculately handled before conducting an event.

J&R Events, the leading event and wedding planner in Pune, meticulously checks out all the pre-requisites and arrangements and brings out successful results in every event.


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